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Honda FR800 Owner's Manual

Honda tiller owner's manual
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  • Page 2 State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive Keep this owner’s This owner’s manual should remain with the tiller if resold. The information and specifications effect at the time of approval FR800. Honda...
  • Page 3 We want to help you get the best results from your new tiller and to operate it safely. This manual contains that; please read it carefully. ou read this manual, f&q...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Information

    Safety Messages of three signal words, DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION. These signal words mean: Safety Headings - such as IMPORTANTSAFETYINFORMATION. Safety Section - such as TILLER SAFETY. Instructions how to use this tiller correctly This entire book is filled with important read it carefully.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    1. TILLER SAFETY ... Important Safety Information Safety label locations ... IDENTIFICATION 2. COMPONENT 3. PRE-OPERATION CHECK ... Engine Oil ... Oil ... Transmissipn Chain Case Oil ... k;Tr Air Filter ... Tire Pressure ... Tines ... 4. STARTING THE ENGINE ...
  • Page 6 CONTENTS Tine Clucth Cable Adjustment Throttle Cable Adjustment Drive Belt Adjustment Upper Chain Adjustment.. Tine Replacement TRANSPORTING/STORAGE for Storage ... Preparation Storage ... Removal from Storage ... TROUBLESHOOTING SPECIFICATIONS ... WARRANTY SERVICE INFORMATION %‘:...
  • Page 7: Tiller Safety

    REVERSE, especially They may tend to lift during footwear. Operating may get caught this tiller when you are tired, ill or under the 1. TILLER SAFETY to these Operating a tiller in poor order and warning...
  • Page 8 Child Safety Keep children indoors and supervised power equipment quickly and are attracted especially Never assume children alert and turn the tiller off if children Children should never be allowed adult supervision. Rotating Tines Hazard The rotating tines are sharp and they turn at high speed. Accidental contact can cause serious injury.
  • Page 9 Avoid touching a hot engine or exhaust system. Allow the engine to cool before performing the tiller indoors. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Exhaust contains poisonous odorless gas.
  • Page 10 Till across the slope (at equally spaced intervals) down it. Be very careful when changing Do not use the tiller on a slope of more than 10”. The maximum safe grade angle mentioned purpose only and should attachments.
  • Page 11: Safety Label Locations

    SAFETY LABEL LOCATIONS These labels warn you of potential ry. Read them carefully. contact your Honda tiller dealer for a replacement. VARNIN avoid serious injury, read all safety W Read Owner’s Manual before meration H Stop en&m. AWARNING DRIVE BELT AND PULLEYS CAN INJURE YOU.
  • Page 12 Refer to the serial numbers technical or warranty Frame serial number: Engine serial number: BDENTIFICATION MAIN CLUTCH LEVER THRO-ITLE LEVE MUFFLER EL WEIGHT (FR800 ONLY) i!c2?J serial numbers when ordering inquiries (see page 50 ). ENGINE SWITCH MUD GUARD ROTARY TINES ‘ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER...
  • Page 13: Pre-Operation Check

    ENGINE OIL Check the engine oil level with the engine position. 1. Remove the oil filler cap/dipstick 2. Insert and remove the dipstick without Check the oil level shown on the dipstick. 3. If the oil level is low, fill to the edge of the oil filler hole with the rec- ommended oil.
  • Page 14: Transmissipn Oil

    11 for recommended LOWER CHAIN CASE OIL Place the tiller on level ground and remove the oil level check bolt. Remove the oil filler cap. The oil level should be up to the lower edge of the check bolt hole.
  • Page 15 Refill the tank if the fuel level is low. FR600: 0.95 US gal (3.6 !Z ,0.79 Imp gal) Fuel tank capacity: FR800: 1.59 US gal (6.0 LI , 1.32 Imp gal) Gasoline is highly flammable You can be burned or seriously Stop the engine and keep heat, sparks, and flame away.
  • Page 16 This is no cause for occurs at a steady brands of gasoline. Honda tiller dealer. spark knock or pinging with persistent spark and the Distributor’s by misuse. Unleaded gas- and extends ex- or an oil/gasoline mixture.
  • Page 17 Oxygenated Fuels Some conventional ether compound. These gasolines enated fuels. To meet clean air standards, tates and Canada use oxygenated If you use an oxygenated minimum octane rating requirement. Before using an oxygenated Some states/provinces pump. The following are the EPA approved ETHANOL- (ethyl or grain alcohol) 10% by volume You may use gasoline containing...
  • Page 18: Air Filter

    AIR FILTER Remove the cover wing nut, then remove the air cleaner cover. Inspect the air filter elements. described on page 34. Replace the elements Operating the engine without will allow dirt to enter the engine, type of damage is not covered by the Distributor’s TIRE PRESSURE Excessive tire pressure...
  • Page 19: Starting The Engine

    Be sure the main clutch neutral position to prevent sudden uncontrolled engine starts. The clutch is engaged bv soueezing disengaged by releasing the lever. l.Turn the fuel valve position. Be sure that the drain tightened securely. 2.Turn the engine switch to the ON position.
  • Page 20 4. Move the throttle position marked with a dot (0 1. 5. Pull the starter resistance is felt, then pull briskly. 1 NOTICE 1 Do not allow the starter snap back against Return it gently to prevent to the starter. 6.
  • Page 21: Clearing A Flooded Engine

    CLEARING A FLOODED ENGINE If the engine won’t start after you have operated times, the engine may be flooded procedure to clear and start a flooded engine: 1. Turn the engine switch to the OFF position. 2. Remove the spark then reinstall NOTE: Install the spark plug carefully,...
  • Page 22: Tiller Operation

    Push clutch against the handlebar the main clutch. Release the lever to disengage the main clutch. THE HANDLEBAR, place the tiller on firm level ground to accidentally. handlebar height, knob, select in the handlebar for the first...
  • Page 23: Gear Selection

    7 ever. Release main clutch pJ:y operating the gear shift Select speeds; 1 or 2 for tilling, propelling the tiller to and from the work area. Select neutral (N) to move the tiller when engine running. NOTE: Do not select neutral The tines and wheels be driven for good tilling control.
  • Page 24: Tine Clutch Operation

    ; the tines will not rotate when the main clutch is operated. Engage the tine clutch with the transmission Do not engage the tine clutch with the transmission...
  • Page 25: Handling Tips

    The ideal height of the drag bar will depend on the type of soil being tilled and soil conditions the time of tilling. adjusted so that the tiller is tilted slightly If the machine handlebars.
  • Page 26: High Altitude Operation

    HIGH ALTITUDE OPERATION At high altitude, the standard rich. Performance will decrease, and fuel consumption very rich mixture will also foul the spark plug and cause hard starting. High altitude performance to the carburetor. If you always operate your engine at altitudes 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), have your servicing buretor modification.
  • Page 27: Stopping The Engine

    To stop the engine in an emergency, turn the engine switch to the OFF position. normal conditions, use the following 1. Release the main clutch lever. 2. Move the throttle lever to the idle (-rc) position. 3. Turn the engine switch to the OFF position.
  • Page 28: Maintenance

    EPA standards.
  • Page 29: Maintenance Safety

    MAINTENANCE SAFETY Some of the most important cannot warn of every performing maintenance. should perform a given task. Failure to properly follow can cause you to be seriously Always follow the procedures Safety precautions Make sure the engine repairs. This will eliminate -Carbon monoxide Be sure there is adequate...
  • Page 30: Emission Control System Information

    EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM INFORMATION Source of Emissions combustion process nitrogen, and hydrocarbons. nitrogen is very important react to form photochemical monoxide does not react in the same way, but it is toxic. Honda utilizes lean carburetor emissions of carbon hydrocarbons. The U.S.
  • Page 31 Problems That May Affect Emissions If you are aware of any of the following inspected and repaired by your servicing Hard starting or stalling after starting. Rough idle. Misfiring or backfiring Afterburning (backfiring). Black exhaust smoke or high fuel consumption. Replacement Parts The emission...
  • Page 32: Air Index

    125 hours (greater than 65 cc) 125 hours (O-65 cc) 250 hours (greater than 65 cc) 300 hours (O-65 cc) 500 hours (greater than 65 cc) hang tag must remain on the tiller until it is Air Resources the ability to engines. The lower you with information period.
  • Page 33: Maintenance Schedule

    (3)For professional commercial intervals. when used in dusty areas. by an authorized Honda tiller dealer, proficient. Refer to the Honda shop manual. use, log hours of operation unless you have to determine proper maintenance...
  • Page 34: Engine Oil Chan E

    OIL CAPACITY: FR600: 0.6 US qt (0.6 Q ,0.5 Imp qt) FR800: 1.2 US qt (1 .I Q , 1 .O Imp qt) 5. Reinstall the oil filler cap/dipstick. Wash your hands with soap and wa- ter after handling used oil.
  • Page 35: Transmission Oi Change

    TRANSMISSION OIL CHANGE Drain the oil while warm to assure rapid and complete draining. 1. Place a suitable container the transmission to catch the used oil. 2. Remove the oil filler cap and the drain bolt to drain the used oil. 3.
  • Page 36: Air Filter Service

    AIR FILTER SERVICE A dirty air filter will carburetor malfunction, frequently when operating 1 NOTICE ) Never run the engine result. 1. Remove the cover wing nut, then remove the air cleaner cover. 2. Remove the filter wing nut, then remove and separate the air filter elements.
  • Page 37: Fastener Tightness Check

    FASTENER TIGHTNESS CHECK Check to be sure all the fasteners are tight. If not, retighten Tightening points are as follows: Upper chain case to rotary case Transmission to rotary frame Rotary cover to rotary frame Swing base to transmission PAPER ELEMENT AIR CLEANER HOUSING them.
  • Page 38: Spark Plug Service

    SPARK PLUG SERVICE Recommended spark plug: BPRGES (NGK), pi?ElCE) An irncorrect spark plug can cause engine damage. 1. Clean any dirt from around the spark plug base. 2. Remove the spark plug cap. Use a 13/16 inch spark plug wrench to remove the spark plug. 3.
  • Page 39: Spark Arrester Service

    Check A spark arrester dealers. be serviced every 100 hours the muffler will be very hot. Allow the the spark arrester. (FR800) carbon deposits from the spark arrester the screen. the screen. SPARK SPARK ARRESTER ARRESTER...
  • Page 40: Main Clucth T Able Adjustment

    MAIN CLUTCH CABLE ADJUSTMENT Correct main clutch ment is important for tiller mance and drive belt service Misadjustment can cause drive belt slippage with resultant er and premature belt wear. 1. Measure free play at the top of the lever.
  • Page 41: Tine Clucth Cable Adjustment

    TINE CLUTCH CABLE ADJUSTMENT 1. With the tine clutch DISENGAGE position, free play at the tip of the lever. Free play should be: O-l/25 in (0 - 1.0 mm) Just enough to ensure cable does remain tension position. 2. If adjustment is necessary, lock nuts...
  • Page 42: Drive Belt Adjustment

    In movmg parts, FR600: 2.6-2.8 in (65-70 FR800: 2.0-2.2 in (52-57 ENGINE STAY MOUNTING BOLT Failure !o follow...
  • Page 43: Upper Chain Adjustment

    UPPER CHAIN ADJUSTMENT 1. Remove the primary cover. Z-Check chain slack between the sprockets; It should be: 0.20-0.59 in (5.0- 15.0 mm) adjust tension, tensioner adjusting move the tensioner necessary. 3. Grease the chain. TINE REPLACEMENT Use genuine Honda replacement gloves to protect your hands.
  • Page 44: Transporting/Storage

    Position the tiller so the tines and wheels vehicle. Tie the tiller down with rope or straps, and block the wheels. Keep the tie-down governor linkage, carburetor, allow the engine to cool for at least 15...
  • Page 45: Preparation Storage

    PREPARATION FOR STORAGE When the tiller will not be used for one month or longer, proper stor- age preparation will help to prevent rust and corrosion, it easier to start the engine when the tiller is removed from storage. 1. Clean all surfaces of the tiller, including cover.
  • Page 46 For storage of two months When transporting or storing keep the tiller level to prevent may ignite. Before storing the unit for an extended period; 4. Be sure the storage area is free of excessive humidity Drain the fuel...
  • Page 47 c. Replace the sediment d.Drain the carburetor Drain the gasoline 5.Change the engine oil (page 32 1. 6. Lubricate the ptston and cylinder. a. Remove the spark plug (page 36 ). b.Pour a tablespoon er grip several times to distribute Reinstall the spark plug.
  • Page 48 Wipe up spills immediatery. Avoid storing the tiller where it will be exposed dust. Place the tiller with its tines and wheels on a level surface. Tilting the tiller may result in fuel leakage. Cover the tiller to keep out dust. NOTE:...
  • Page 49: Removal From Storage

    REMOVAL FROM STORAGE Check all items described this manual (pages II- NOTE: Fill the fuel tank with fresh gasoline. gasoline for refueling, Gasoline oxidizes that may cause hard starting. Gasoline is highly flammable seriously injured when handling Keep heat, sparks, and flame away. Handle fuel only outdoors.
  • Page 50: Troubleshooting

    To avoid fire hazards, do not allow sparks near the plug hole. e. If there is no spark, replace the plug. If OK, try to start the engine according 6. If the engine still does not start, take the tiller to an authorized dealer. drain knob.
  • Page 51: Specifications

    (0.70-0.80 IN: 0.15 + 0.22 mm cold EX: 0.20 * 0.02 mm cold No other adiustments according to the types, FR800 55.9 in (1,420 mm) 48.4 in (1,230 mm) 27.8 in (705 mm) 278 Ibs (126 kg) FR800 GX240 Kl air cooled, overhead valve 14.8 cu-in (242 cm31...
  • Page 52: Warranty Service Information

    When you write or call, please give us this information: Model and serial number (see page 10 ) Name of dealer who sold the tiller to Name and address of dealer who services your tiller Date of purchase Your name, address, and telephone...
  • Page 53 MEMO...

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