Care And Cleaning - KitchenAid 5KPEXTA Instructions And Recipes Manual

Pasta shape press
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To Clean:
1. turn Stand Mixer speed control to "0"
2. unplug Stand Mixer or disconnect
3. completely disassemble pasta Shape
4. use the wrench end of combo tool to
loosen pasta ring. use the hook to pry
out the auger from press housing.

Care and Cleaning

5. Allow remaining dough on pasta plates
to dry overnight before separating.
remove completely dried dough with
the cleaning Brush. use a wooden
skewer or toothpick to pick out any
remaining dough. do not use metal
objects or put pasta plates in the
dishwasher to clean.
6. Auger, pasta ring, combo tool and
storage case are dishwasher safe.
NOTE: do not wash press housing or
pasta plates in dishwasher or immerse in
water or other liquids.
NOTE: these accessories are designed to
be used with pasta dough only. to avoid
damaging your pasta Shape press, do not
insert anything other than pasta dough.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents