To Attach Pasta Shape Press Accessory; To Use Pasta Shape Press Accessory - KitchenAid 5KPEXTA Instructions And Recipes Manual

Pasta shape press
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To Attach Pasta Shape Press Accessory

Before Attaching Pasta Shape Press
remove "do not immerse in water" label,
and detach the storage case from the
accessory housing top.
To Attach:
1. turn Stand Mixer speed control to "0"
2. unplug Stand Mixer or disconnect
3. Loosen the accessory knob (p) by
turning it counterclockwise.
4. remove the accessory hub cover.
5. Insert the accessory shaft housing (n)
into the accessory hub (o) making
certain that accessory power shaft fits
into square hub socket.

To Use Pasta Shape Press Accessory

Rotating Blade Hazard
Always use combo tool.
Keep fingers out of openings.
Keep away from children.
Failure to do so can result in
amputations or cuts
1. Set the Stand Mixer speed between
6 and 10, according to pasta type
and personal preference. For best
results, Fusilli should be extruded at a
maximum speed of 6. Slower speeds
are also recommended for very short
pasta. Longer pasta, such as Spaghetti
may be extruded at higher speeds.
6. It may be necessary to rotate the
accessory back and forth. When the
accessory is in proper position, the pin
on the accessory housing will fit into
the notch on the hub rim.
7. tighten the accessory knob by turning
it clockwise until the accessory is
completely secured to Stand Mixer.
2. Slowly feed walnut-size pieces of
dough into the hopper; dough should
self-feed. the auger should be visible
before adding the next piece of dough.
3. use combo tool to push dough only if
dough becomes caught in hopper and
no longer self feeds.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents