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Add 10 ml (2 teaspoons) salt and
15 ml (1 tablespoon) oil (optional) to
5,7 L (6 quarts) boiling water. Gradually
add pasta and continue to cook at a boil
until pasta is "al dente" or slightly firm to
1 egg per 100 g white
flour type 00
1 pinch of salt
olive oil (optional for
when dough is too

Cooking Pasta

Basic Egg Noodle Pasta

place white flour in Stand Mixer bowl. Attach bowl and flat
beater. turn to speed 2 and gradually add eggs and a pinch
of salt. Mix for 30 seconds. Stop Stand Mixer and exchange
flat beater for dough hook. turn to speed 2 and knead until
dough is elastic.
If dough is too dry, add a little olive oil during the
remove mixture from bowl and hand knead for 30
seconds to 1 minute.
Do not let foods that contain perishable
ingredients such as eggs, dairy products, and
meats remain unrefrigerated for more than
one hour.
Doing so can result in food poisoning
or sickness.
Form walnut-sized pieces of dough and extrude pasta into
desired shape. Separate and dry as desired, then follow
cooking instructions above.
the bite. pasta floats to the top of the
water while cooking, so stir occasionally to
keep it cooking evenly. drain in a colander.
• Dry pasta – 7 minutes
• Fresh pasta – 2–5 minutes depending on
thickness of noodles
Food Poisoning Hazard

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents