To Change The Pasta Plates; To Loosen The Pasta Ring - KitchenAid 5KPEXTA Instructions And Recipes Manual

Pasta shape press
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To Use Pasta Shape Press Accessory
4. use the swing-arm wire dough
cutter to cut pasta at desired length
as it exits the press. See page 6 for
recommended lengths.
5. Separate pasta as described on page 6.

To Change the Pasta Plates:

1. turn Stand Mixer speed control to "0"
2. unplug Stand Mixer or disconnect
3. remove the pasta Shape press
Accessory from the Stand Mixer.
4. remove the cutter, pasta ring, auger
and clean the dough out of the press
5. then reassemble the accessory as
stated on page 5.

To Loosen the Pasta Ring:

1. If pasta ring is too tight to remove
by hand, slip the wrench over the
2. turn pasta ring in direction indicated
by the arrow to open.
NOTE: do not use wrench of combo tool
to attach ring to press housing. damage
to the accessory may result.
NOTE: When using the pasta Shape press
Accessory, do not wear ties, scarves or
long necklaces; gather long hair with a

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents