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Kenwood VR-507 Instruction Manual

Audio video surround receiver
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Table of Contents
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to describe
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About the supplied rem&e control
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the remote control
supplied with this receiver
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In order to
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to read the operating
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of the remote control and how to switch
its operation
Using the remote control without completely
its design and how to switch the operation
may result in Incorrect
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood VR-507

  • Page 1 KENWOOD AUDIO VIDEO SURROUND RECEIVER VR-507 KRFW7050D INSTRUCTION MANUAL KENWOOD CORPORATlON This mstrudion manual IS used to describe multiple models listed above. Model availability and features (functions) differ depending on the country sales area. About the supplied rem&e control Compared...
  • Page 2 Units are deslgned for operation as follows. U.S.A. and Canada........... AC 120 V only Unpack the unit carefully and make sure that all accessones are put aslde Australia ............AC 240 V only so they will not be lost. Europe and U.K..
  • Page 3 Operating other components......Regrstenng setup codes for other components (RC-RO613) ........Operating other components (RC-R0613) ..34 Setup code chart (for VR-507 (RC-R0720)) ..(35 Setup code chart (for KRF-V7050D ENERGY STAR@ Partner, Kenwood Corpora- (RGR0613))............CASSETTE deck, CD player &...
  • Page 4 This manual covers theVR-507 and KRF-V7050D. Items such as functions, Memory back up function number of jacks, and remote control details somewhat differ between these models, To confirm the functions available on the model you have Please note that the followrng items will be deleted from the unit’s purchased, refer to the table below.
  • Page 5 True home theater sound Multi channel music (SRS Circle Surround WXS”) Thus recetver rncorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you SRSCircfesurroundenablesyou tolisten to multichannelsoundfrom maxrmum enjoyment from your vrdeo software. Select a surround mode stereo source. We assume you have already enjoyed listening to Dolby according...
  • Page 6 Use to select the auto tuning mode. STANDBY Indicator Use to switch between the digital and analog Use to switch the status of CINEMA EQ. -m 0 POWER key (For VR-507) -@Z! Inputs. @ LISTEN MODE key I/& -@J-m Use to turn the power ON/STANDBY Q DIMMER Use to select the listenrng mode.
  • Page 7 Remofecontrulunit(RC-R0720) (i/t?-507) Thus remote control unit can be used not only for Kenwood products but also for other non-Kenwood products -a - setting the appropriate maker setup codes If the name of a function IS different the recewer and on the remote...
  • Page 8 setting the appropriate maker setup codes. If the name of function IS different the receiver and on the remote control the name of the remote control key In this manual is indicated in parentheses. @ POWER Q Numeric keys 0 B.BOOST I/&...
  • Page 9 Make connections as shown m the followmg pages. input mode settings When connecting the related system components, be sure CD/DVD, VIDE02, VIDEO3 DVD/Gch to also refer to the Instruction manuals supplied with Inputs each Include jacks components are connecting. for digital audio input and analog audio Input. Do not connect power...
  • Page 10 Connecting audio components Shape of AC outlets U.S.A. and Canada Australia Other countries SYSTEM CONTROL lacks To AC wall outlet Video component, 3 head cassette deck, Graphic equalizer Cassette deck or MD recorder CD or DVD player Moving coil (MC) cartrldge record player...
  • Page 11 About the S V/DE0 lacks 1 S Video jacks Use the S VIDEO lacks to make connections video components with S VIDEO IN/OUT Jacks. .lf you use the S VIDEO jackstoconnectyourvldeo playback components, sure to use the S VIDEO jacks when connecting your...
  • Page 12 S VIDEO cord FRONT SURROUND OUT UR OUT L/R CENTER OUT To switch the speakers off, press the MUTE key. CAUTION (Except for lf. S.A. and Canada) Be sure to adhere to the followlng. Or proper ventilation will be blocked causing damage or fire hazard.
  • Page 13 (See “Connecting vrdeo components”.) LD player To connect an LD player with a DIGITAL RF OUT, connect the LD player to the KENWOOD RF digital demodulator (DEM-9991D). Next, connect the DIGITAL OUT tacks of the demodulator to the DIGITAL IN jacks of the recerver.
  • Page 14 Connecting the antennas - ‘--.- .7%%~~.~.~7..~...S. . ‘ ___.,.. .:. 2. ;. .: CT.. * ‘. ,.I ____ h .i. I ..3 .a . . .~.“~..a.~...~~.‘...: _ 1..>.:. .;,. -..r, .y.:>;:;> _ >.-: i .
  • Page 15 SYSTEM CONTROL OPERATIONS Connecting system control cords after connecting a KENWOOD nudio component system lets you take advantage of convement Remote Control system control operations. Lets you operate thus unit with the system remote supplied with the receiver. Thus unit IS compatible only with the [SL-161 mode.
  • Page 16 Connecting the speakers Front Speakers Right Left ” .-_. Powered Right Lefl subwoofer Surround Speakers (Be sure to connect both surround speakers) Use the FRONT SPEAKERS termmals if you want to connect a second front speaker system.
  • Page 17 Connection of banana plugs (For U.S.A. and Canada) 0 Strip coating. Loosen. 0 Secure. 0 Insert. 0 Secure. Sound will not be heard if the speaker terminal IS not fully secured. Never short circuit the + and - speaker cords. If the left and right speakers are connected Inversely...
  • Page 18 Speaker placemeni Loading fhe baiter/es 0 Insert the batteries. 0 Remove the cover. Q Close the cover. b Insert two AA-srze (R6) batteries as Indicated by the polarity markrngs. Front speakers : Place to the front left and right of the listenrng position. Front speakers are requrred for all surround...
  • Page 19 0 Use the MULTI CONTROL knob or keys to select the approprrate To enable you to obtatn optimum enjoyment from the recerver’s listening center speaker setting. modes, make sure to complete the speaker settings (subwoofer, front, center, and surround speakers) as described below.
  • Page 20 Preparing for playback m input the distance to the speakers. 0 Measure the distance from the listenmg position to each the speakers. Jot down the distance to each of the speakers. Distance to front speakers: feet (meters) feet (meters) Distance to center speaker: Distance to surround...
  • Page 21 VOLUME CONTROL URCE DIRECT VOLUME CONTROL PHONES VOLUME SOUND INPUT SELECTOR RC-R0613 RGR0720 RC-R0613 q Use;;; ;~Pf~ELFCTOR knob fo selecf the source you RGR0720 The Input sources change as shown below: Selecting a source using the INPUT SELECTOR knob. 0 “PHONO” You can adjust the sound quality when the receiver IS In the PCM stereo @ “TUNER”...
  • Page 22 MONITOR Press the MUTE key. Blinks To cancel INPUT SELECTOR Press the MUTE key agarn so that the “MUTE” Indicator goes off. MUTE ON can also be deactivated by turnrng the volume control 0 Use the INPUT SELECTOR knob to select the source (other knob.
  • Page 23 0 Use the INPUT SELECTOR to select the vrdeo source (other than “VIDEOl”) you want to record. 0 Set the vrdeo deck connected to VIDEO 1 to record. MULTI CONTROL Select the REC MODE to record a digital Input source. 0 Start playback, then start recording.
  • Page 24 MULTI CONTROL MEt(ORY RGR0613 R&R0720 Press the MEMORY key while fecervmg the station. Blinks for 5 seconds Lights for 5 seconds Press TUNER key to select the tuner as the source. Use fhe PULL key to select the desrred station. Each time you press the key, another preset station IS recerved...
  • Page 25 This receiver IS equipped with listening modes that allow you to enjoy an enhanced sonic ambience with a variety Oolby Digital video sources. In order to obtain the optimum effect from the surround The Dolby Digital surround format lets you en]oy up to 5.1 channels of digital surround sound from Dolby Digital program sources...
  • Page 26 Dolby PRO LOGIC II OSP mode The DSP mode lets you add the atmosphere of a live concert or hall to Dolby Pro Logic II was desrgned specifically to provrde a new sense of almost any type of program source. These modes are particularly effective spatiality, directionality...
  • Page 27 When the DOLBY DIGiTAL signal is /put: vhe DOLBY DIGITAL, PROLOGIC, or 3 STEREO indicator lights up.) The DTS compatible models can reproduce a CD, DVD, or LD carrytng the DTS mark. DOLBY DIGITAL. DOLBY DIGITAL surround DOLBY DIGITAL can be used when playing DVD or LD software bearing @ PL II MOVIE: PRO LOGIC...
  • Page 28 D VD 6-channel playback Usrng a DVD player or the like equrpped with SIX (5.1) output channels MULTI CONTROL the recerver, you can enjoy surround sound playback. When you try to play a disc other than Dolby Digital such as DTS CD, no sound IS produced or, norse may be heard.
  • Page 29 When watching movies at night , you might not be able to raise thevolume When listening to music with certain recordings, you will also be able to as loud as normal. Midnlght mode compresses the dynamic range of achieve a suitable balance from all the speakers by adjusting previously specified...
  • Page 30 control 0 Press the SOUND key repeatedly until “SW” appears on the display....-o,e,rrr spas Darn ..... & ,.,,, iii ;i ....0 Use MULTI CONTROL knob or keys to adjust the volume. *The adjustment range IS -10 dB to cl 0 dB.
  • Page 31 If performed correctly, the LED will blink twrce. Example: To regrster a DVD made by KENWOOD, you would enter If the LED did not blink twrce, repeat steps 8 through H and try “0534” entering the same code again.
  • Page 32 Searching for your code Re-assigning device keys The remote control can be set up to control a second TV or VCR, or any If your component does not respond after tryrng all the codes listed for your combrnation of erght home entertarnment components.
  • Page 33 The remote control IS set to control volume of a component through your This operation lets you operate the reglstered components. KENWOOD audio components with system control turn on and off TV while In the TV, VCR, or Cable mode. However, In an Audio mode (i.e.
  • Page 34 Note Example: Press “805” to register a DVD player made by KENWOOD. Be sure to point the remote control at the remote sensor on the receiver If you push an Invalid key, the remote will exit the setup mode.
  • Page 35 TV Setup codes Setup codes Maker t Maker Setup codes Scott CW~, 0180,0178,0019, IKEC 0180’ 0092 Aiko Akar 0030 0179 Alaron VI,0 Ambassador 0177 Logik 0016 0180 America Action Luxman 0056 0751 Ampro 0150.0030.0178,0019 Anam 0180 IMTC 0060.0030.001 Audiovox 0451,0180,0092,0623 Baysonlc 0180 Belcor...
  • Page 36 Hughes Net. Sys. 0042 Sanyo 0067,004i Scott Jensen 0041 Sears 0037,0278 0048 (for TV use 0093j 0072 Sansui 0000,0479 Kenwood 0067,0041,0038 Sanyo 0240 Kodak 0035,0037 Sears 0000,0037 0037 Sharp 0048 (for TV use 0093) Lloyd’s 0000 Sony 0032 (for TV use 0000)
  • Page 37 Receiver Setup codes DBS/DSS receiver Setup codes Cab/e tuner Setup codes Aiwa 0158,0189,0121,0405 0224 Akal 0074 II::;, 0186,0042,0077, Kenwood “ l ” “ , ““Y 0531, 0014.0150.0630, _ _ _ 0080; 1023 Quasar 0039 0531, 0054,0346,0360, 0530.1023 Realistic 0195,0163,0181 Sansul...
  • Page 38 Setup codes Carver 0029 0240 npnnn nn76 Lutron 0597 Harman/Kardon 0182,0029 One For All 0167 0244, 0273 Radio Shack 0240 Kenwood 0070 Security System 0167 Magnavox 0029 Universal Xi 0 0167 Marantz 0029 0167 Onkyo 0135, 0282 Optimus 0027, 0220...
  • Page 39 SONY 301, 302,303, SONY 304,305,306 SONY GE/RCA GE/HITACHI PIONEER 103,104, 105, 106,117 RCA/HITACHI PANASONIC ZENITH 107,108 PANASONIC 309,310 KENWOOD 805,808 MAGNAVOX MAGNAVOX 311,312,313 TOSHIBA TOSHIBA PHILIPS MITSUBISHI 315, 316, 317, ?I18 SHARP 319,320 SANYO TOSHIBA ..~.;~ ~ : _..l\_ ,.x.\.
  • Page 40 order operations \\s. i_ _a~.,%. _s_ N1___ ~~~.<r-eT~~~__x-~. I,. “I .~ You can perform these oaslc operations using the Keys aescrloed below when connected to KfNWOOD casseti~ -&%I deck, MD recorder or CD player equipped with system control operations. Cassette deck operations keys --till (b Play) (Sop)
  • Page 41 CD player operation keys Numeric keys- (Select tracks) Numeric keys (Select tracks) (Skip down) - (Skip up) M (Search) -wit (b Play) s-b (Search) (stop) - HI (Skip up) m (Skip down) DISC SKIP- - .,,I (Play/Pause) (Pause) WOP) W-R061 W-R0720 MD recorder operation keys Numeric key...
  • Page 42 Refer to the followmg sections for details. These keys can be used to perform the basic operations of KENWOOD and other makers’ components which the setup code for each component had been entered beforehand.
  • Page 43 VCR operation keys Numeric keys- Numeric Keys- - CHANNEL +,- (Channel +/-) (Rewnd) w11 (b Play) (Fast forward) (Stop) 11 (Pause) INPUT SEL. (InPUt Selector) -./II (t Play) -CHANNEL 44 (RevAnd)- (Fast forward (Channel +I-) . REC- -II (Pause) - . (SOP) RC-R0613 RGR0720 D VD player operation keys...
  • Page 44 DBVDSS recewer operation keys Numeric keys- ~ CHANNEL+,- MENU (Menu)- n(Cursor t) (Channel +/-) OSD (OSD menu)- v(Cursor 1) u(Cursor C) D(CurSor ‘) -ENTER (Enter) -CHANNEL (Channel +/-) RC-R0613 Cable tuner operation keys (P CALL-) (P CALL, Tuning -BAND (P CALL (P CALL t) -AUTO (Tmng)
  • Page 45 Resetting the Microcomputer The mrcrocomputer may malfunction (unit cannot be operated, For U.S.A. and Canada or shows an erroneous display) if the power cord IS unplugged Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, then plug while the power IS ON, or due to some other external factor.
  • Page 46 Zertain Inputs cannot be selected using the No setup codes regrstered at for the respectrve Regrster a setup code at the respective Input(s). smote control. Input(s). -!xl-!z demote control operation IS not possible. The remote control is set to a different operation Press the source select keys or source POWER keys to select the appropriate operation...
  • Page 47 Usable sensitivity (MONO) Signal to noise ratio (IHF’66) VR-507 ..1.3 uV (75 Q)/ 13.2 dBf (75 kHz DEV., SINAD 30 dB) PHONO (MM)................7 5 dB KRF-V7050D..1.6 uV (76 Q)/ 15.2 dBf (75 kHz DEV., SINAD 30 dB) CD ..................
  • Page 48 For your records KENWOOD Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, In the spaces designated on the warranty card, and In the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your dealer for Information or seivlce on this product.
  • Page 49 Please read all of the safety and operatrng rnstructrons 6. Temperature - The appliance function properly if used extremely low, freezing before operatrng this appliance. Adhere to all warnings the appliance and rn the Instruction manual. Follow all the temperatures. Ideal ambient temperature...
  • Page 50 18.Power lines - An outside antenna system should not be 13.Ltghtning - For added protectlon for this appliance during located in the vlclnlty of overhead power lines or other a lightning storm, or when tt IS left unattended and unused electric light or power clrcults,...
  • Page 51 SEE REVERSE SIDE FOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. USE THIS CARD WHEN: lnqulnng about warranty service and information Obtaining warranty service For your nearest KENWOOD Authorized Service Center call: IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES / 1-800~536-9663 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAY A WEEK...
  • Page 52 IS rendered. HOW TO OBTAIN WARRANTY SERVICE If your KENWOOD product requires servrce; 1. Take or ship it to any KENWOOD Authonzed Servlce Center In the U.S.A. along with a complete description of the problem. Warranty service IS not available outslde the United States.

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