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Changing The Door Hinging - Miele F 12010 S Operating And Installation Instructions

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Changing the door hinging

The appliance is supplied right hand
hinged. If left hand door hinging is
required, follow the instructions below.
^ Close the door.
^ Unscrew lower hinge bracket a, and
^ Then lift the door down and off.
^ Take hinge pin b out of hinge
bracket a, then refit in the other hole
of the hinge bracket. (Use the
spanner supplied to unscrew and
refit the hinge pin).
^ Remove cover c and use it to cover
the now empty holes on the opposite
^ Use the spanner supplied to unscrew
upper hinge pin d and refit it on the
other side.
^ Take care not to lose the washer.
^ Fit the appliance door from below
onto upper hinge pin d and then
close the appliance door.
^ Screw hinge bracket a into the lower
door bearing.
^ Use the long slots in the hinge
bracket to align the door. Make sure
you have tightened all screws



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