Before Placing Food In The Freezer; Placing Food In The Freezer; Freezing Large Items; Defrosting - Miele F 12010 S Operating And Installation Instructions

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Freezing and storing food

Before placing food in the freezer

^ When freezing more than 2 kg of
fresh food, switch on the Super
freeze function for some time before
placing the food in the freezer (see
"Super freeze").
This also helps to prevent food that is
already in the freezer from starting to

Placing food in the freezer

Fresh food can be placed in any
drawer for freezing, however it is
preferable to use the upper drawers.
Large quantities should be placed
directly on the glass cold plates to
freeze the food quickly. To do this first
take out one or several freezer drawers.
Each drawer and glass cold plate
can take a maximum of 25 kg.
^ Place the food flat in the base of the
drawers or on the glass cold plates
so that it freezes through to the core
as quickly as possible.
^ Make sure that the packaging and
containers are dry to prevent them
sticking together when frozen.
When freezing, make sure that food
already frozen does not come into
contact with fresh food being frozen
as this could cause the frozen food
to begin to defrost.

Freezing large items

To freeze a large item such as a turkey
or joint of meat, the glass cold plates
between the freezer drawers can be
removed. To do this:
^ Remove the freezer drawers, and
carefully slide out the glass cold
plate you wish to remove.


Frozen food can be defrosted in
different ways:
– in a microwave oven,
– in the oven using the "Fan" or
"Defrost" setting,
– at room temperature,
– in the refrigerator (the cold given off
by the frozen food helps to keep
other food cold),
– in a steam oven.
Poultry It is particularly important to
observe food hygiene rules when
defrosting poultry. Do not use the liquid
from defrosted poultry. Pour it away
and wash the container it was in, the
sink and your hands. Danger of
salmonella poisoning.
Fruit should be defrosted at room
temperature in its packaging, or in a
covered bowl.
Most vegetables can be cooked while
still frozen. Just put straight into boiling
water or hot fat. The cooking time is
slightly less than that of fresh
vegetables due to changes in the cell


Table of Contents

Table of Contents