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Defrosting - Miele F 12010 S Operating And Installation Instructions

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In normal use, ice and frost will form in
the freezer. If allowed to accumulate,
this will impair efficiency and increase
the consumption of electricity.
Do not scrape ice and frost off, and
do not not use any sharp edged or
pointed instruments to aid the
defrosting process.
They will damage the evaporator,
causing irreversible damage to the
The freezer should be defrosted from
time to time. It must be defrosted if a
layer of ice approx. 5 mm thick has
accumulated. It is best to defrost when
only very little food or no food at all is
left in the freezer.
Before defrosting
^ Switch on the Super freeze function
at least 4 hours before defrosting to
ensure frozen food retains its cold
reserve for longer when taken out of
the freezer.
^ Remove the frozen food from the
freezer and place it in another freezer
or cool box, or wrap it in several
layers of newspaper or cloths and
store in a cool place until the freezer
is ready for use again.
^ Remove all the freezer drawers and
glass cold plates from the freezer.
To defrost
Carry out the defrosting procedure
as quickly as possible if food has
not been placed in another freezer.
The longer the food is left out at
room temperature, the faster it
^ Switch the appliance off.
^ Disconnect it from the mains. Switch
off at the wall and withdraw the plug
from the socket, or disconnect the
mains fuse or remove the screw-out
fuse in countries where this is
^ Open the freezer door.
To speed up defrosting, a bowl
containing hot water (not boiling) can
be placed in the appliance. Closing the
door in this instance will help retain the
warmth and speed up the defrosting
We do not recommend the use of
hot air blowers such as hairdryers
for defrosting your appliance.
Do not use a steam-cleaning
appliance to aid the defrosting
process. Steam could reach the
electrical components and cause a
short circuit.
Never place electric heaters or
candles in the appliance to defrost
it. These can damage the plastic



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