Installation; Location; Climate Range - Miele F 12010 S Operating And Installation Instructions

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Do not place any appliance which
gives off heat, such as a toaster or
microwave oven, on top of this
appliance, as this would increase
the appliance's energy
This freezer must not be installed
directly next to another refrigerator
or freezer.
The sides of this appliance are not
insulated, so installation next to
another refrigerator or freezer could
cause a build-up of condensate.
Further information is available from
your dealer.


The appliance should be installed in a
dry, well-ventilated room.
It should not be installed where it is
exposed to direct sunlight or directly
adjacent to a heat-producing appliance
such as an oven or a radiator.
The room temperature should not go
above or below the climate range for
which the appliance is designed.
The higher the ambient temperature of
the room, the more energy the
appliance requires to operate.
Important: tropical / humid
During periods of high humidity,
some condensation may appear on
outside surfaces of cooling
appliances. This condensation will
disappear when humidity levels
drop. For prevention, it is advisable
to install the appliance with sufficient
ventilation in a dry and/or an
air-conditioned room.
Please ensure that doors are closing
and sealing properly.
Please ensure that the appliance is
installed in accordance with these
installation instructions and that the
handle is fitted correctly. Should you
require further assistance please
contact your Miele customer service

Climate range

The appliance is designed for use
within certain climate ranges (ambient
temperatures), and should not be used
outside this range. The climate range of
the appliance is stated on the data
plate inside the appliance.
Climate range
Operating in a room which is too cold
will result in the cooling system
switching off for too long, causing the
internal temperature in the appliance to
rise with the risk of food deteriorating
and going off or frozen food defrosting.


Ambient room
up to +32 °C
up to +38 °C
up to +43 °C


Table of Contents

Table of Contents