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Cleaning And Care; Cleaning The Outer Casing, The Interior And Accessories; Ventilation Gaps - Miele F 12010 S Operating And Installation Instructions

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Cleaning and care

^ A range of Miele branded cleaning
and conditioning agents is available
from the Miele UK Spare Parts
Department, or via the internet at
Make sure that water cannot get into
the electronic unit or into the

ventilation gaps.

Do not use steam cleaning
apparatus to clean the appliance.
Steam could reach the electrical
components and cause a short
The data plate located inside the
appliance must not be removed. It
contains information which is
required in the event of a service
To avoid damaging the surface of
your appliance, do not use:
– cleaning agents containing soda,
ammonia, acids or chlorides,
– cleaning agents containing
descaling agents,
– abrasive cleaning agents, e.g.
powder cleaners and cream
– solvent-based cleaning agents,
– stainless steel cleaning agents,
– dishwasher cleaner,
– oven sprays,
– glass cleaning agents,
– hard, abrasive sponges and
brushes, e.g. pot scourers,
– melamine eraser blocks,
– sharp metal scrapers.
Before cleaning
^ Switch the appliance off.
^ Switch off at the wall and withdraw
the plug from the socket, or
disconnect the mains fuse or remove
the screw-out fuse in countries where
this is applicable.
^ Take any frozen food out of the
appliance and store it in a cool place.
^ Defrost the freezer.
^ Take out any removable parts, e.g.
shelves, for cleaning.
Cleaning the outer casing, the
interior and accessories
Use warm water with a little washing up
liquid. Wash all accessories and
drawers by hand only. Do not wash in a
^ After cleaning, wipe the outer casing,
the interior and accessories with a
damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth.
Leave the door open to air the
appliance for a short while.
Ventilation gaps
^ The ventilation gaps should be
cleaned regularly with a brush or
vacuum cleaner. A build-up of dust
will increase the energy consumption
of the appliance.



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