Ice Cubes; Cooling Drinks - Miele F 12010 S Operating And Installation Instructions

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Never re-freeze partially or fully
defrosted food. Consume defrosted
food as soon as possible as it will
lose its nutritional value and spoil if
left for too long. Defrosted food may
only be re-frozen after it has been

Ice cubes

^ Fill the ice tray three quarters full with
water, and place it in the bottom of
one of the drawers.
^ Once frozen, use a blunt instrument,
for example a spoon handle, to
remove the ice tray from the freezer.
^ Ice cubes can be removed easily
from the tray by twisting the tray
gently or by holding it under cold
running water for a short while.

Cooling drinks

When cooling drinks quickly, make sure
bottles are not left in the freezer for
more than one hour, as they could
Freezing and storing food


Table of Contents

Table of Contents