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Picture Menu - Toshiba 14VL44 Series Owner's Manual

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Headphone: By connecting the
headphone unit to your television you
can listen to the program sounds
independently from your television. In
order to increase and decrease the
sound level of the headphones, you can
enter the HEADPHONES menu and
make the necessary adjustments using
the ( ) and ( ) buttons in the Volume bar. When
you only want to hear the sound from the
headphone, just press ( ) button.
Balance: To adjust the volume balance
between the left and right speakers to
the desired level, select the Balance bar
using the down (
right/left movement ( )/( ) buttons adjust
the balance.
Bass: You can adjust the bass levels of the sound
you hear in the headphone.
Treble: You can adjust the treble levels of the
sound you hear in the headphone.
Sound Type: The program you watch might be
stereo or in two different languages. Using the
right/left keys ( )/( ) in this menu you can select
Mono/Stereo or Dual-I/Dual-II language.
Please note: The sound and headphone
adjustments made will be stored without
any additional actions.
Picture Set up
without any further actions necessary.
) button. Using the
Furthermore, you can select one of the non-
adjustable default settings in the memory (Picture
Mode) by pressing the ( ) button on your remote
Picture Mode-1, 2 and 3 are preset values. Picture
Mode-M is the value you store in the memory.
TINT: When the NTSC video is connected from
the SCART, you can adjust the colour tint setting.
If you do not connect this type of video, then the
TINT option will not be displayed on the OSD
By pressing the ( ) and ( ) or ( ) button
on your remote control please enter the
Picture menu. Select the setting function
you want using the Up and down buttons
) and adjust their levels with
the right and left buttons ( )/( ).
The picture brightness, contrast, color
and sharpness levels can all be adjusted
according to your desire.
The changes you make in the picture
settings will be automatically stored



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