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Program Organising - Toshiba 14VL44 Series Owner's Manual

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Fine Tuning
If the current channel requires fine tuning,
select the Manual Fine Tuning bar using
the right ( ) button on the Manual Tuning
menu. Using the up (
) movement buttons on your remote
control, adjust the program on the screen
to the quality you wish. Under normal
circumstances, you will not need to use
the Fine Tuning function.
The AFC values of your television will automatically
adjust and lock themselves to the channel.
However, in the event that the TV transmitters do
not work, then you may need to use this process.
The method of storing the applications above is
the same process as all other tuning applications.
Program Skipping
If you want to skip some of the channels
in the memory while selecting program
with (
Program Skip bar using the right button
on the Manual Tuning menu. Using the
Up (
) and down (
for which you select "*" mark will be skipped.
Naming Stations
If you wish to assign an 8- character
labelling to the channels in the memory,
select station bar using the right button
( ) on the Manual Tuning bar. Select
the character you want using the Up
) and down (
the digit using the direction buttons ›
( )/( ). Press the ( ) button It is stored
in the memory.
You can assign labelling to the next
program in the same way.
) and down
) and (
) buttons, select the
) buttons, the program
) buttons and select
Programme Sorting
Select the program sorting bar using the
( ) or down button (
menu, then press the ( ) or right button
( ). The Programme Sort menu will
appear. Please select your desired
program using the (
buttons, then press the ( ) or right ( )
button. Match the program you have
selected using the (
with the program number you want. To
complete the operation press again the
( ) button.
You can switch the next program you wish to
another program number in the same way.
Select the teletext bar using the ( ) or down
button in the setup menu. If you select auto with
the right button; the txt broadcast and Fastext or
Toptext (option) features of the existing channels.
When list is selected, if the current channel does
not broadcast Fastext or Toptext, you can store
the teletext page numbers you want with the
colour buttons or (
) and (
section there are 4 different colour buttons when
you select teletext.
While in the other pages of teletext, you can
directly access this page you selected by pressing
the colour button linked to them.
) in the Setup
) and (
) and (
) buttons
) buttons in the



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