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Start Up - Toshiba 14VL44 Series Owner's Manual

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Start Up

As your LCD-TV unit also enables VGA
applications, it can also be used as a PC monitor.
Transition to the PC mode
In order for the LCD-TV to switch to the monitor
(PC) mode, you can use the PC button on your
remote control. In order to switch from the monitor
mode back to the TV mode, use the TV button
on your remote control.
When the unit is switched to the
monitor mode, the EXT2 (Phono- 14 VL 44), EXT3
(Phono- 20 VL 44) can be heard from the
speakers. When switched to this mode, the
VOL+/VOL- and MUTE buttons will be functional.
NOTE 2: When the unit is in monitor mode, the
Stand-by button is functional. When the unit is
switched back on from the stand-by function, it
will open in the TV mode.
PC Mode MENU structure
When you press the ( ) button on your
remote control while the unit is in the
PC mode, the features available in the
PC mode will appear on screen as the
PC MENU. In order to make the
necessary adjustments in this menu, you
can use the right-left, up-down movement
remote control.
TIME: ADC's time setting
PHASE: ADC's phase setting
H.POSITION: Horizontal position setting
V.POSITION: Vertical position setting
most suitable geometric settings in accordance
to the entry mode is configured by this function.
For this application, highlight the AUTOMATIC
CONFIGURATION option and press the OK
( )/( ) buttons on your
Warning Messages:
1. NO SIGNAL: There is no VGA connection.
Under these circumstances the on screen display
will be "NO SIGNAL". The message will be on
screen for 15 seconds and if a suitable VGA
attachment is not made to the indicated area,
then the unit will switch itself to the POWER
SAVING mode in order to protect the unit panel.
2. OUT OF RANGE: If the resolution application
is not one of the graphic entry modes, then the
on screen display will be "OUT OF RANGE".
The message will remain on screen until the
necessary graphic entry mode is applied.
Important Cautions:
1. When a VGA mode is displayed for the first
application may be necessary.
2. According to the VGA power Saving
standards, when there is no signal, for 15 seconds
an on screen display of "NO SIGNAL" is shown
after which the unit switches itself off in a 30Watt
power saving mode.
If you switch to the monitor model after adjusting
the TIMER function available under the Special
Features menu, the timer function and program
switch will no longer function, however the
automatic shut-down application will continue to



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