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Toshiba CPBRO2005Eu Catalog

Home cinema catalogue 2005-6
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Toshiba Information Systems (U.K.) Ltd.
Consumer Products Division
Toshiba Court
Weybridge Business Park
Addlestone Road, Weybridge
Surrey. KT15 2UL, U.K.
This brochure was produced using paper
from a sustainable resource
Ref: CPBRO2005Eu
H O M E C I N E M A C ATA L O G U E 2 0 0 5 - 6



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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba CPBRO2005Eu

  • Page 1 Toshiba Information Systems (U.K.) Ltd. Consumer Products Division Toshiba Court Weybridge Business Park Addlestone Road, Weybridge Surrey. KT15 2UL, U.K. This brochure was produced using paper from a sustainable resource Ref: CPBRO2005Eu H O M E C I N E M A C ATA L O G U E 2 0 0 5 - 6...
  • Page 2 Toshiba home entertainment is an incredible experience where sound and images combine to stimulate your senses. Home entertainment products are We don’t just care about how our accessories designed to complement products fit into an individual’s home and enhance your environment, both environment, we are also committed passively and interactively.
  • Page 3 content Insight a detailed view of the latest technological advances Insight: High Definition TV Insight: Screen Technology Insight: Recordable DVD Widescreen & 4:3 TV – overview Widescreen Face Flat 50Hz TV Face Flat Nicam 4:3 TV Nicam 4:3 TV Mono 4:3 TV Portable 4:3 TV LCD &...
  • Page 4 A DVI or HDMI input with HDCP integrated digital receivers (p.8) copy protection support. Available Now! Toshiba already has a range of TVs and Insight: projectors capable of displaying High Definition broadcasts in all their glory when they are available. In the...
  • Page 5 42WL58 Decorative accessory or television? These flat panel TVs are uniformly stylish, with a super-slim display designed to fit into any home environment with the minimum of effort. High resolution screens, combined with Active Vision LCD and Real Digital picture processing technologies, ensure astonishingly crisp, vibrant images from within the minimal Picture Frame screen...
  • Page 6 L C D W I D E S C R E E N T V HDMI™ High-definition Multimedia Interface™ digital quality. HDMI™ dramatically simplifies home is a new industry standard for cinema system installation and offers numerous connecting high definition components. HDMI™ additional benefits including PC compatibility, automatic transmits uncompressed digital video and audio content format adjustment, and automatic configuration of the...
  • Page 7 L C D W I D E S C R E E N T V HD Ready Thanks to the combination of high resolution screens, HDMI™ and component video inputs, these televisions are all HDTV Insight p.4 set to display the high definition images. Active Vision Insight p.5 81cm 94cm...
  • Page 8 L C D W I D E S C R E E N T V LCD Technology LCD or Liquid Crystal Display technology uses Clarity and size aren’t the only advantages – LCD liquid crystal movement to produce a high screens also consume around 40 per cent less resolution with superb contrast, brightness and power than the cathode ray tube (CRT) in most...
  • Page 9 L C D 4 : 3 T V Compact LCD Styling LCD technology (see p.16) has helped to make up every room in the house, even where TV universally accessible in the home. The super- space is at a premium, to the possibilities and slim panel and compact styling with discreetly pleasures of audio visual entertainment.
  • Page 10 P L A S M A W I D E S C R E E N T V Plasma Display Plasma technology uses thousands of tiny A plasma screen with high specifications for fluorescent lights (phosphors) to create a large Contrast Ratio, Brightness Level and Resolution image with minimal screen depth.
  • Page 11 32ZH56 Embrace your individuality and express your freedom to choose, yet without compromising on a single detail. There’s something for everyone: a These sets give a whole new meaning wide selection of widescreen, small to everyday television. No matter what screen and portable TVs, flat screen the screen size, the TV is packed with or conventional tube, Nicam or mono...
  • Page 12 W I D E S C R E E N T V & 4 : 3 T V Face Flat Screens A Face Flat TV has a horizontally and vertically flat of a conventional tube design, this totally flat TV tube which offers a wider viewing angle along screen minimises reflections from room lighting with enhanced picture linearity to produce and results in a significant improvement in clarity,...
  • Page 13 W I D E S C R E E N & 4 : 3 T V Selectable Picture Not every room is the same in terms of ambient you three pre-set and one user-adjustable light levels so to achieve the best possible picture, settings for picture colour, brightness and you may want to adjust your TV’s settings.
  • Page 14 A DVD Recorder is little short of the ultimate in digital entertainment versatility. TV, home video, family photos, music, movies wherever and whenever you want... with a DVD recorder the choice is yours. Toshiba’s DVD recorders are multi- Which format?
  • Page 15 D V D R E C O R D E R Easy Navi the appropriate navigation menu Easy Navi is a navigation menu appears on the option giving easy access to screen. From there just one press recordings and key features. When of the button enables access to all the Easy Navi button on the remote the operations needed to...
  • Page 16 To make the most of the incredible picture quality This input option is typically found on professional from DVD, Toshiba has included a Component broadcasting equipment and gives you far greater Video Input on all of its Home Cinema televisions, flexibility to adjust the brightness and contrast display panels and projectors.
  • Page 17 D V D V I D E O HDMI™ Up Conversion in anticipation of forthcoming High Definition High Definition displays require a minimum resolution programming (broadcast or HD DVD), a DVD player of 1280x720p. However, existing DVD videos have a with up conversion capability will enable you to view native resolution of 480p.
  • Page 18 P O RTA B L E D V D V I D E O DivX ® MP3 and WMA ® DivX is a video compression software MP3 and WMA (Windows Media which enables high quality video to be audio compression formats used for downloading compressed into very small files, then downloaded music files from the internet, then decompressed onto CD-R or CD-RW and played back with very...
  • Page 19 While every effort has been made to ensure that all details are correct at the time of going to press, Toshiba Information Systems (U.K.) Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions to the product descriptions or ®...
  • Page 20 Plasma and LCD Model 42WL58 37WL58 32WL58 37WL56 32WL56 27WL56 27WL54 See page Picture Visible screen size (cm) Screen format 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 Display technology Display resolution W XGA W XGA W XGA W XGA W XGA W XGA W XGA (1366x768)
  • Page 21 Model RD-XS64 RD-XS24 See page DVD Video Portable DVD DVD Recorder Hard Disk Drive 160 GB 160 GB Combi DVD/VCR Nicam Stereo Number of Heads Compatibility CD Audio Video CD CD-R CD-RW DVD-RAM SVCD DVD Video DVD-R DVD-RW JPEG Viewer ®...