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Tv Setup; Sound Menu; Sound Features - Toshiba 14VL44 Series Owner's Manual

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The setup of your television
Setting up the Sound Menu
You can control the sound settings of
your television by using the ( ) and ( )
buttons on your remote control or the
( ), ( ) buttons directly on your television.
You can control the other sound settings
by entering the Sound menu For this
application all you need to do is press
the ( ) button of your remote control.
Then press ( ) button to bring up the
SOUND menu on your television screen
and press ( ). Using the up/down
movement buttons (
choose the features that you require.
Balance: To adjust the volume balance
between the left and right speakers to
the desired level, select the Balance bar
using the down (
right/left movement ( ), ( ) buttons adjust
the balance.
Sound Type: The program you watch
might be stereo or in two different
languages. Using the right/left keys ( ),
( ) in sound type bar you can select
Mono/Stereo or Dual-I/Dual-II language.
Note: You can make this selection without
entering the menu with the (
remote control.
Sound Mode: If you want to add depth to the
sound of the program you watch, select Spatial
with the ( ) button.
Volume Correction: Automatic Volume Limiting.
maintains the same sound level as you switch
from program to program. To cancel select OFF.
) / (
) you can
and (
1.5KHz, 5KHz and 10KHz frequency bands with
( ) and ( ) buttons. Storing the adjustment levels
in memory press the menu button to exit the user
option. You can exit the equalizer function pressing
the "Exit" button at any time.
Furthermore, you can select one of the non-
adjustable default settings in the memory (Sound
Mode) by pressing the (
) button. Using the
Music, Sports, Cinema and Speech, User 1 and
User 2 are the values you store in the memory.
) button on your
Television transmitters have different
sound levels. This can be noticed from
the different volume levels that can be
heard while switching from one program
to another. Using the right/left movement
( ), ( ) buttons switch to Auto. The AVL
(Automatic Volume Limiting) function
Equalizer: Selecting the Equalizer mark
press ( ) or ( ) button. The equalizer
setting function will be displayed. Using
the up/down movement (
buttons you choose between a series of
preset settings for different types of sound
output such as Music, Sports, Cinema
and Speech. Also you have the User 1
and User 2 option settings which are
to be adjusted in accordance to your
preferences. Selecting one of the User
options press the ( ) button. You can
adjust the frequency levels with the (
) buttons. You can select 120Hz, 500Hz,
) button on your remote
) / (



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