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Tuning The Tv; Automatic Tuning - Toshiba 14VL44 Series Owner's Manual

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External Device
Your television has one (14 VL 44) or
two (20 VL 44) SCART socket(s). Every
time you press the ( ) AV button, your
default settings will change according
to the socket connection below.
1. AV1 when using SCART socket 1 (with RGB
2. AV2 when using the RCA socket (14VL44)
AV2 when using SCART socket 2 (20VL44)
3. AVS when using S-Video socket (14VL44)
AV3 when using RCA socket (20VL44)
4. AVS when using S-Video socket (20VL44)
You can return to TV mode by pressing AV
button again.
SETUP menu
Press ( ) button and select the Setup
Menu. Highlight LANGUAGE bar in
yellow by pressing (
the right/left movement ( )/( ) buttons
indicate the language you wish to use. All the
function modes of your television will be displayed
in the language that you have indicated.
In the event that you wish to exit the application
at any given stage, simply press the ( ) button.
Program tuning and saving into
You can either tune the programs automatically
or manually storing them in your television. As a
result of your television's Automatic Tuning System
(ATS), the programs found are automatically
ordered in accordance to the selected country
channels that send their title and teletext
information, followed by those programs that do
not provide teletext title information and those
without the teletext features. Finally, foreign
programs that send their teletext title information
lined up.
Please note: In the event that your television
does not receive a signal for 2 minutes it will
automatically switch to the stand-by mode. The
last 1 min. clock is shown on the screen.

Tuning The TV

Automatic tuning and storing of the
television program channels
Selecting Start bar with the down button (
) button. Using
and pressing the ( ) button once more, the
program channels will be scanned automatically
and channels will begin to be stored in the memory
starting with the first one. At this point, the auto
program menu appears showing an indication
that displays the position of the auto tuning bar
and the auto program operation as well as the
system, channel number of the existing channels
and, if present, their name information.
To stop the process at any given time, press the
( ) button.
The program numbers that have been stored are
reflected in the Programme Sort, giving you the
ability to assign any program number to the
channel of your choice.
In the SETUP menu select the country
of which you want to watch the program
with priority by pushing the Right/Left
movement button ( )/( ) in the Country
bar. Pressing the down movement (
button select the Auto Tuning title, press
the ( ) button or right button ( ). The
screen will display the Auto Tuning start
If you select Other for Country on the
Set Up menu, you can determine it
yourself with System buttons ( )/( ).
If you select your home or any country,
the system bar will display the name of
the selected country and it can not be



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