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Should any problem persist after you have made those checks,
consult your nearest Sony dealer. If "C: ss: ss" appears on the
LCD screen, the self-diagnosis function has worked. See page 39.
The camera does not
You cannot record
The picture is noisy.
The picture is too dark.
Incorrect date and time
are recorded.
Vertical streaks appear
when shooting a very
bright subject.
The battery life
deteriorates too fast.
Cause and/or Solution
• The camera does not operate when using a
battery pack that is not an "InfoLITHIUM"
battery pack.
t Use an "InfoLITHIUM" battery pack.
(p. 13)
• The floppy disk is not installed properly.
t Remove the disk and reinstall it. (p. 8)
• PLAY/CAMERA is not set to CAMERA.
t Set it to CAMERA. (p. 16)
• The tab on the disk is set to the writing
impossible position.
t Set it to the writing possible position. (p. 8)
• The camera is placed near a TV or other
equipment that uses strong magnets.
t Place the camera away from the TV, etc.
• You are shooting a subject with the light source
behind the subject or light is insufficient.
t Adjust brightness of the image. (p. 10)
• The LCD screen is adjusted too dark.
t Adjust brightness. (p. 9)
• The date and time are not set.
t Set the date and time. (p. 13)
• The smear phenomenon.
t The camera is not malfunctioning.
• The ambient temperature is too low.
• Charging of the battery pack is not enough.
t Charge the battery pack fully.
• The battery pack has served its time.
t Replace the battery pack with a new one.


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