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Making Calls; Making An External Call; Making An Internal Call; Answering A Call - Siemens Gigaset 3000 Classic Operating Instructions Manual

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Making calls

Making an external call

– You can cancel the dial operation with the end call key
– You can insert a pause with the recall key
– You can opt to not save entries, e.g. when checking an
account: press the keys
terwards are not saved for number redial.

Making an internal call

Answering a call

Enter the call number.
If necessary, correct it with the delete key
Press the talk key to start the dial operation.
Ending a call:
Press the end call key
Press the INT key – the actual internal call
number is displayed.
Enter the internal call number.
to call all handsets.
Ending a call:
Press the end call key
Press the talk key.
remove the handset from the base station/
charging unit if the auto talk feature is activa-
, all characters entered af-
(hold it


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