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Changing The Base Station; Switching To Tone Dialling - Siemens Gigaset 3000 Classic Operating Instructions Manual

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Changing the base station

Prerequisite: the handset is registered with more than one
base station.
You can choose one of the following settings:
• Set the handset to automatically select (factory setting)
the best base (factory setting).
• Set the handset to priority base station – the handset
searches for other base stations if this is not found within
30 seconds.
• Set the handset to a fixed base station.

Switching to tone dialling

If you are operating the base station in a telephone system
that uses pulse dialling (DP), you can switch to tone dialling
(DTMF), e.g. for telephone banking, to check an external
answering machine, etc.
Prerequisite: a connection is active.
Press the set key followed by the INT key.
For example, set base 1 as the priority base.
For automatic selection: enter
For priority base: enter the base number
For fixed base: enter the base number
Save the setting and terminate the function.
Press the set key.
Activate tone dialling – tone dialling is active
until the call is cleared down.


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