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The Standby Display; Alert Modes; Turning The Phone Off; Power Saver - Mitsubishi Electric M21i User Manual

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Please be warned that you should not, when using
the hands free mode, put the phone to your ear.

The standby display

When switched on the mobile
searches connection with the
network. When the connection
is established a tone sounds and
the network and/or service pro-
vider name or logo are displayed
together with the time and date,
the signal strength and the bat-
tery charge level. If the mobile
cannot find a valid network the
signal strength and the operator
name are not displayed.
The four arrows indicate fea-
tures can be reached via the four
arrows on the cursor key.
The oval symbol underneath the
arrows shows the Menu can be
reached by pressing on the
key (below the cursor key).
Mail and i-mode indicate you
can directly access the mailer
and the i-mode service by press-
ing on the
shows your mobile is at-
tached to a GPRS network.
Keypad lock
When activated the keypad lock
feature prevents accidental calls
or actions being made by while
the phone is carried in a pocket
or a bag for instance. Incoming
calls can however be received
and answered. When the call is
over the keypad lock is automat-
ically reactivated.
To activate the keypad lock:
Press and hold
To deactivate the keypad lock:
Select Unlock
or press and hold

Alert modes

to directly access the
Alert modes control (Ring, Si-
lent, Vibrate, Vibrate & ring,
Vibrate then ring).

Turning the phone off

Press and hold
A tone sounds to confirm your
action. An animated screen is
switches off.
Do not take the battery out of the mobile without tur-
ning the phone off. Data might be lost. Should this
happen a first-aid kit symbol is displayed at next acti-
vation of the mobile.

Power saver

To allow you to enjoy optimised
use of your mobile a power saver
screen is automatically displayed
after one minute when the
phone is not being used. It dis-
plays your service provider name
and the time.
The power saver does not pre-
vent any operation. You can thus
get a call, an SMS, a melody, an
image, etc. while the power sav-
er is on. The
played onpower saver mode
instead of the time when an
event (message, file in reception
box, unanswered call,...) has oc-
curred on your mobile. This sym-
bol is displayed until you have
read all the new events.
Pressing any key allows return to
an active screen.
is dis-
and press
symbol is dis-


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