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Emergency Calls; Care And Maintenance; Ac/Dc Adaptor Charger; Battery Use - Mitsubishi Electric M21i User Manual

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the vehicle electronics, such as ABS
anti-lock brakes or air bags. To avoid
such problems ensure that only quali-
fied personnel carry out the installa-
• Do not place the phone on the pas-
senger seat or where it could break
loose during sudden breaking or a
collision. Always use the holder.

Emergency calls

You can make emergency calls by dialling
the European standard emergency number
112 even if there is no SIM card in your
phone. Emergency calls can even be made
if the phone is PIN or electronically locked
or call barred. In some countries local
emergency numbers can still be used for
emergency purposes but the phone may
have to contain a valid SIM card.
When making an emergency call re-
member to give all the necessary infor-
mation as accurately as possible. The
phone may be the only means of com-
munication at the scene of an emergen-
cy therefore do not cut off the call until
told to do so
Mobile phones rely on wireless and landline net-
works which cannot be guaranteed in all condi-
tions. Therefore you should never rely solely on
wireless phones for essential emergency commu-

Care and maintenance

This mobile telephone is the product of ad-
vanced engineering, design and crafts-
manship and should be treated with care.
The suggestions below can help you to en-
joy this product for many years.
• Do not expose the phone to any
extreme environment where the tem-
perature or humidity is high.
• Do not expose or store your mobile in
cold temperatures. When the phone
warms up after switch on, to its nor-
mal temperature, moisture can form
inside which can damage the electri-
cal parts.
• Do not attempt to disassemble the
phone. There are no user serviceable
parts inside.
• Do not expose the phone to water,
rain or spilt beverages. It is not water-
• Do not abuse this phone by drop-
ping, knocking or violent shaking.
Rough handling can damage it.
• Do not clean the phone with strong
chemicals or solvents. Wipe it only
with a soft, slightly dampened cloth.
• Do not place the telephone alongside
computer discs, credit or travel cards
or other magnetic media. The infor-
mation contained on discs or cards
may be affected by the phone.
• Do not connect incompatible prod-
ucts. The use of third party equipment
or accessories, not made or authorised
by Mitsubishi Electric, invalidates the
warranty of your phone and can be a
safety risk.
• Do not remove the labels. The num-
bers on it are important for aftersale
service and other related purposes.
• Do contact an authorised service cen-
tre in case of problem.

AC/DC adaptor charger

This mobile phone was designed to be
used only with the supplied AC/DC charger.
Use of any other charger or adaptor invali-
dates any approval given to this apparatus
and may be dangerous.

Battery use

You can charge a battery hundreds of
times but gradually it wears out. When
the operating time (stand-by and talk
time) is noticeably shorter than normal it
is time to buy a new battery.
• Do not leave batteries connected to
a charger longer than necessary.
Overcharging shortens battery life.
• Disconnect battery chargers from
the power source when not in use.
• Do not expose batteries to high
temperatures or humidity.
• Do not dispose of the batteries in


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