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I-Mode; User Interface; I-Mode Menu - Mitsubishi Electric M21i User Manual

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Compact NetFront is a registered trademark or
trademark of Access Co. Ltd. in Japan and selected
countries worldwide.
Copyright © 1998-2001 ACCESS CO. LTD.
Your mobile allows you to get to dedicated
i-mode web sites and webpages thanks to
the i-mode standards. You can for instance
send and receive mails, connect to i-mode
sites and download images and 32 tones
melodies for your mobile (see Setting an
image as a banner, a wallpaper or a wel-
come animation from the Pictures folder,
page 31, Downloaded melodies, page 32,
Welcome animation, page 47).
Access to i-mode is network dependent.
Please contact your service provider for full
details on subscription conditions. To be
able to use the i-mode features on your
mobile you must have a GPRS subscription.
Please refer to your additional i-mode
guide for more details on the i-mode serv-

User interface

While navigating the i-mode menu, please
note that up
, down
arrow keys allo w to reach fur-
ther settings or fields to be filled in, but
also to reach validation or cancellation
options (Ok
, Save
Scroll up
or down
(blue highlighting) the right field,
choose an option or type in text. De-
pending on the menu you are in, you
may have to scroll down many times
until you reach the right option.
, left
, Cancel
, etc.).
to highlight

i-mode menu

This section describes access to the
i-mode lock, i-mode profiles and
New mail alert sub-menus.
To access these features:
. Select i-mode.
The following screen is displayed.
i-mode lock
The purpose of this feature is to
lock access to all i-mode features,
thus protecting your mobile from
any unauthorised operation.
. Select i-mode.
Select i-mode lock
Select lock
Enter your 4 digit i-mode lock
code and select ok
1. The default i-mode lock code is 0000. To change
the code, select Change lock code instead of lock and
follow the displayed instruction.
2. The mail alert is not affected by the i-mode lock.
However you are not able to read the received mails.
i-mode profiles
To use the i-mode and connect to
i-mode web sites you first need to
define and store the profile details
(please refer to Connection man-
ager, page 50), then select the re-
quired i-mode profile.
. Select i-mode.
Select i-mode profiles
Select one of the available
profiles and press ok


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