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Honeywell EVOTOUCH CONTROLLER Installation Manual

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evotouch Controller



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  • Page 1 Controller Installation evotouch...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preface Product handling Location of device System Configuration Disclaimer Guided Config WEEE directive 2002/96/EC Edit System Config Waste Electrical and Electronic Factory Reset Equipment directive Edit Zone Config System Parameters Binding and RF Test Edit System Configuration Boiler demand Outdoor sensor Edit Zone Configuration To edit the zone name...
  • Page 3 Preface This extended evotouch Installation Guide provides information about the installer functions available from the main configuration menu. For information about the other installer functions of evotouch please refer to the printed Installation Guide supplied with evotouch.
  • Page 4: Edit Zone Config

    System Configuration The System Configuration menu provides access to the Installer configuration options. To display the System Configuration menu: • Press MENU on the home screen for ten seconds. The following warning will be displayed: • Press YES to continue. The System Configuration menu will then be displayed. This provides the following options: These are described in greater detail in the following sections.
  • Page 5: Edit System Configuration

    Edit System Configuration Outdoor sensor Allows you to edit aspects of the system configuration. It provides the following options: Allows you to specify whether there is an outdoor temperature sensor: Boiler demand Allows you to specify whether the boiler is a heat demand • To specify an outdoor sensor press OUTDOOR SENSOR.
  • Page 6: To Change The Application

    To change the application The following screen is then displayed: • Press the button opposite the Application label. The following menu allows you to choose the application: • Press DEVICE SENSOR INFORMATION to use the sensor for information only, or DISTRIBUTE SENSOR INFORMATION to distribute the information to all actuators in The currently selected application for the zone is shown the zone.
  • Page 7: Underfloor Heating Setting

    Underfloor heating setting The following setting is available for the Underfloor Heating application: Min. Max. Setpoint This specifies the minimum and maximum temperature that can be requested for the zone: • Use the controls to set the minimum and maximum setpoints, and press DONE. Radiator heating settings Window function The following settings are available for the Radiator Heating application: Enables the function built into the HR80 that detects when a...
  • Page 8: Mixing Valve Settings

    Mixing valve settings Actuator running time The following settings are available for the Mixing Valve application: Specifies the amount of time to open/close the actuator, in the range 0 to 100%. Pump run time Min flow temp, Max flow temp Pump Run time (or pump overrun) specifies how long the pump in the heat source needs to keep running to extract all the heat to The min/max flow temperature are limits to control the flow avoid blocking the heat source:...
  • Page 9: System Parameters

    System Parameters Min. boiler on time Allows you to set parameters affecting the operation of the whole system: Specifies a minimum on time for the heat source, to ensure all the heat is dissipated from the system before shutting off. Cycle rate Specifies how often the boiler will switch on and off in any given hour.
  • Page 10: Binding And Rf Test

    Binding and RF Test RF Test Zones Allows you to bind or test sensors or actuators throughout the system: You are first prompted to specify the zone to test: Binding will normally be performed with evotouch positioned You will then be prompted to perform an RF test to the selected beside the actuator or sensor, for convenience.
  • Page 11: Safety Information

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