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Put In The Laundries; Usage Of The Detergent - Haier SIG100-97 Owner's Manual

Haier automatic washing machine owner manual
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Put in the laundries

Usage of detergent
How to use the washing powder
Direct dissolved in the machine
1.Fill water to "1" water level.
2.Add the power. Run for 30 seconds to dissolve it completely.
3.Put in the laundries. Select suitable water level.
The instant dissolving of the washing powder:
1. Prepare warm water of 30
2. Add the powder while stirring to fully dissolve it.
The powder is more prone to pollute the laundries than the detergent.
Therefore please use it with proper quantity.
It is suggested not to use high sudsing detergent.
Different washing powders have different dosage. Please refer to the usage
manual of the washing powder for the details.
How to use the liquid bleacher
1.Check clothing care labels for special instructions
2. Measure liquid bleacher carefully, following instructions on the bottle.
3. Before starting the washer, pour measured amount of bleach directly int
bleach dispenser. Avoid splashing or over-filling dispenser.
Never pour undiluted liquid chorine bleacher directly onto clothes or int
the inner tub.
Do not pour powdered bleacher into bleacher dispenser.
Do not mix chlorine bleacher with ammonia or acids such as vinegar and/or
rust remover. Mixing can produce a toxic gas which may cause death.
How use the fabric conditioner
Fabric conditioners help make clothes softer and fluffier and reduce static so that
clothes do not cling to you when you are wearing them.
1. Carefully follow the instructions on the fabric conditioner bottle or packet.
2. Mix conditioner with an equal amount of warm water but only mix enough to
fill to the line marked inside the cup.
4. Pour the mixed conditioner into the cup in the top of the agitator. The
conditioner will automatically be dispensed before the deep rinse cycle
Do not spill the conditioner onto the clothes because it may stain them.
Do not overfill the cup in the top of the agitator because the conditioner
may mix with the detergent and stain your clothes.
Do not stop the washing machine during the spray rinse cycle when using
a fabric conditioner.
The capacity of washing and spinning of the
machine refer to the largest weight of the
standard laundries under dry condition that
can be washed or spined in one time. Lau-
ndries quantity in one washing cycle shall
be lower than the rated capacity. The larg-
est capacity of this machines is 8.5kg.
The thickness, size, type of the cloth will
influence the actual washing capacity. It
is suitable to put in reasonable amount of
laundries and the laundries can be turned
round in washing for one time washing.
Do not select high water level for laundries
less than 4.0kg, so as to avoid splashing
of water.
and a container.
Washing powder
Inner tub



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