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After The Washing; Cleaning The Lint Filter - Haier SIG100-97 Owner's Manual

Haier automatic washing machine owner manual
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After washing
After using, please clean the lint and foreign materials of the lint filter etc. in time. Otherwise
it may influence your using the machine.
Please first pull off the power plug from the receptacle before cleaning.

Cleaning the lint filter

The lint filter must be used during washing.
It must be cleaned in time after each using
1.Take off the lint filter
Pull up the lint filter on the agitator
to remove. As shown in Figure 1.
2.Removing lint
Press the lint screen clip with your
thumb and index finger, and get the
screen downward as shown in Figure
2. While wet, remove the lint on the
screen in water.
3.Mounting the lint filter
After cleaning, mount the screen back
onto the lint filter as shown in Figure 3.
Then put the lint filter back in the agitator
The filter screen of the
water inlet valve is likely
to be blocked by foreign
materials and influence
the water inlet. Please
clean it with brush every
two months.
1.After washing, close the water faucet. ( If needed, you can dismantle the water inlet hose).
2.Do not store water in the washing machine for a long period. Drain the water completely after
each using.
3.Be sure to pull off the power plug before maintenance.
4.Hang up the power cord and drain hose.
5.Wipe off the water drops on the surface of the machine and inside the tub. Open the top lid for
some time (about 1 hour), then close the top lid.
Figure 2
Lint Screen
Figure 3
If the cabinet is dirty, wipe it with wet cloth
Do not flush it directly with water.
Wipe it with neutral detergent.
Do not wipe it with thinner, petrol, alcohol etc.
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Th in ne r
Lint filter
Pull up out



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