Skillful Use Of Refrigerator Compartment - Haier HRF-588FA User Manual

Haier household refrigerator user manual
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Notice for refrigerating food
Hot food should be first cooled to room
temperature before putting in refrigerator
Food should be sealed before placing in
In this way, it can not only prevent water evaporating, and keep
fruit and vegetable fresh, but also it can avoid food flavor
contamination between each other.
Food stored in the refrigerator should not be
excessively full
Stored food should be kept apart from each other to leave for the
passage of cold air circulating, so as to reach better refrigeration
Food should be cleaned and wiped dry before
storing in the refrigerator.
Food should be divided into different classifications
for refrigeration
Food should be divided into different categories according to its
kinds, with the food to be eaten daily placed in front, which can
avoid unnecessary long time door opening, and which can also
avoid such problem as food spoilage caused by forgetting.
Stored food should not be placed too close to the
interior wall
It is prohibited to place the food with high water content in the
nearby of the inner side of shelf to avoid it being frozen on the
inner wall, so take care to keep some free distance between stored
food and interior wall.

Skillful use of refrigerator compartment

When refrigerating vegetables, they should be
stored in opposite direction to their growth, so as
to prolong their storage period.
Egg type should be stored in egg tray in the state
of standing up to prolong storage period.
Some food, such as onions, garlic, ginger, water
chestnut, rootstock type, can be kept for long time
under normal temperature without the necessity
to be refrigerated in refrigerator.
For radish type, their leaves should be cut to
prevent nutrition being absorbed by the leaves.
Put frozen food in the refrigerator compartment for
thawing, in this way to use the low temperature of
the frozen food for refrigerating food, obtaining the
effect of energy saving.
For muskmelon, Chinese flowering quince,
banana, pineapple, the refrigerating state shall
promote their process of metabolism, so they are
not suitable to be refrigerated. But for unripe fruits,
storing them in the refrigerator compartment for
some time shall promote them to become ripe.

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