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Haier household refrigerator user manual
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Defrosting, cleaning


This refrigerator has automatic defrosting system, it not necessary for manual operation.Defrosted water
wall will flow to support plate of the compressor on the lower part of refrigerator back, and the heat produced
by compressor running will automatically evaporate the water.


The food remained in the refrigerator can produce
unpleasant smell, so it is required to carry out periodical
* For safety, pull out power plug prior to cleaning.
* Cleaning refrigerator using soft towel or by
sponge dipping in warm water (it is permissible
to add mild detergent).
Note: for cleaning, be sure not to use scrub-brush, steel brush, or organic solution such as
household cleanser, gasoline, banana oil, acetone, or hot water, acid or alkali.
* Use a dry cloth to wipe the water on the surface of
Note: For cleaning, do not spray water in order to prevent affecting electric insulation
*Use dry cloth to clean electric components such as
"switch", and "lamp".
* Door gasket is easy to be contaminated, so take care
to keep it clean.
Stop usage
Treatment at power failure
When there is no power supply, the refrigerator can
still keep food without question for several hours, even
in summer.
* At power failure, do not put any new fresh food,
and do the best not to open refrigerator doors.
* If power interruption is known in advance, it is
advisable to make some ice, put in watertight
container, and place them on the top of
refrigerator compartment.
Notice: Temperature rising in the freezer compartment caused by power interruption
or other malfunction can shorten food storage period, and deteriorate food quality.
Stop usage
If the appliance is not to be in use for a longer time, it is
advisable to pull out power plug, disconnect it with
power supply, and carry out cleaning for the refrigerator
as described in the above method.
When the refrigerator is not in usage, be sure to leave
its door open, to prevent small food remains producing
unpleasant smell.
Note: generally, do not stop using refrigerator to avoid affect its usage life.
Note: Wait at least 5 minutes after pulling out power plug before re-connect power with it.

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