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When Moving - Haier HRF-588FA User Manual

Haier household refrigerator user manual
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Stop usage
Leave for holiday
* If the holiday is for a short time, take out those food
that are susceptible to be deteriorated, set proper
temperature position, determine whether
refrigerator doors have been closed well.
* If you are to be out for a long time holiday, it is
necessary to disconnect the power supply of the
refrigerator, take out food, and clean the interior
after melting frost inside, open refrigerator doors
after wiping, to prevent small food remains
producing bad smell.

When moving

* Pull out power plug, to disconnect power supply
* Take out all food from the refrigerator
* Use adhesive tapes to fix movable parts such as
shelves in the refrigerator compartment, humidity
maintaining box, and freezer drawers
* Close well refrigerator doors, and fix them with
adhesive tapes, so as to prevent its opening
during movement
* During moving refrigerator, maximum angle of tilt
shall not exceed 45°(the angle with the vertical
direction) to avoid causing damage to refrigeration
system, and influencing normal usage.
Note: In no case,should the refrigerator be placed flat.
Question answering
When refrigerator is first used or at starting, it can
produce stronger drones because its running is not
steady, and the sound shall become smaller, as
running stabilizes.
Sometimes, the appliance housing gets hot,
especially for the first use after switching it on. But
this is not a defect, it is just designed for preventing
dew, rust, and for energy saving. It is normal.
When liquid refrigerant flows in evaporator, it can
produce the sound similar to water flowing. This
kind of sound usually occurs at the evaporator and
compressor parts: when refrigerator stops working,
the liquid refrigerant flow back, it shall also produce
the continuous or interrupted "gurgling water
flowing" sound.
When refrigerator is used for the first time, or when
in starting, it can give out bigger sound because
the appliance is not in steady running state. The
sound shall become diminished as its running
becomes steady.
The sound produced at compressor working, and
the tap-tap sound when compressor starts or
closes: all these are normal.
When carrying out the defrosting cycle, the water
fallen down on heating element can give out the
sound of "hiss" or "tittering". At the end of defrosting,
it is possible to produce slight "crackling". At the
same time, evaporator can produce the sound of
"boiling" or "gurgling". This is normal state caused
by defrosting.

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