Safety Precautions - Haier HRF-588FA User Manual

Haier household refrigerator user manual
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Safety precautions

This appliance uses 220V/50Hz AC for power
Do not damage power cable
* Be sure not to pull out the plug of the appliance by drawing
the power cable. Be sure to directly pull out it of the outlet by
firmly grasping the plug.
* Do not cause the appliance body press the power cable, nor
should any people tread on it.
* When moving the appliance from wall, be careful not to roll
or damage power cable.
When there is leakage of inflammable gas
such as gas
* Close the valve of leaking gas
* Open doors and windows
* Neither try to drag nor insert any power plug for any
electrical unit such as refrigerator
It is required to use separate, dedicated outlet with
securely grounding.
The power cable of this appliance is fitted with three-core
(grounding) plug complying with three-core (grounding) outlet. In
no case, should the third plug pin (grounding) of the power cable
be cut or removed.
In case of damaged power cable
When the power cable or plug has been worn, it is prohibited to
continue to use it. In this case, it is required to replace it by factory
authorized service shop.
Please pull out power plug under the following
* Pull out power plug prior to cleaning or repairing.
* When replacing damaged lamp, it is required to pull out
power plug to prevent electrical shock.
Safety precautions
It is absolutely prohibited to put inside the
appliance hazardous inflammable or explosive
articles, strong corrosive acid, alkali, etc.
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable
article in the vicinity of the refrigerator to avoid fire.
Do not play by hanging on its door, to prevent tilting
the door or toppling the refrigerator to hurt person.
Do not keep medicine, vaccine, or chemical
reagent in the appliance. This refrigerator is for
household use, which cannot store item with strict
requirement for temperature.
Chemical agent
Do not place any unstable article on the top of the
appliance (heavy item, or container with water), to
avoid possible hurting people when falling, or
leaking current by spilled water. It is also not
permitted to put such appliance as regulated power
supply, microwave oven on the top of the
refrigerator to prevent electromagnetic
interference, or other accident.
When the refrigerator has started running, take
care not to touch the cold surface of the freezer
compartment with hand, especially with wet hand.
Otherwise, your skin is liable to be stuck on the
cold surface.

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