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Product Features; Names Of Various Components; Cantilever Shelves; Energy Saving - Haier HRF-588FA User Manual

Haier household refrigerator user manual
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Product features

Product features:

① Cantilever shelves

② Anti-leakage shelves
③ Snack box
④ American style, being super big, super splendid, and supper

energy saving

⑤ High bottle rack
⑥ Humidity adjustable system

⑦ Automatic defrosting

⑧ Quick cooling system
Names of the various components
Ice-making box
Ice-storage box
Wire shelf
Snack box
Cantilever shelf
Humidity adjusting
Our dear Haier customers,
Thank you for your choice of using Haier products.
Haier products have excellent quality, and good performance. But in order to facilitate your usage, be sure
to read carefully the manual, and operate it as described by the manual.
Haier's "international star grade service" shall always be accompanying you, and contact us with the
telephone and address of the guarantee certificate whenever you meet any problem during usage, we are
constantly ready to offer service to you. Thank you again for your selection of our Haier products.
Haier-sincere forever.
Due to product modification, your purchased Haier refrigerator may not be identical with the one shown
in the manual. We hereby express our apologies to you for this possible difference.
Door rack
Egg tray
Bottle rack
Tall bottle rack
maintaining box

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