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Fully automatic electronic smart battery charger 25 amp / 10 amp / 2 amp charge rates with 75 amp engine start
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Stage Two — Absorption Charge maintains the maximum possible charge at a
constant, safe, predetermined voltage. During this phase, the charging voltage
remains constant, while the actual charging current is reduced to allow for the
maximum proper internal chemical energy transfer. At the end of Stage 2, the charger
will automatically move into Stage 3 charge mode.
Stage Three — Top-Off Charge — voltage is automatically maintained and
reduced to a predetermined level while current is adjusted for a safe, effective battery
charge. At the conclusion of Stage 3, the unit will BEEP signaling the completion of
the charging cycle.
The Automatic Float Charge feature is ideal for maintaining a battery. It automatically
tops off battery as needed to keep battery fully charged all the time.


• This unit has three charge rate settings, accessed by the 2/10/25 AMP button:
a) 2 amps: smaller batteries, such as in lawn mowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles,
b) 10 amps: mid-sized batteries, such as in small cars
c) 25 amps: automobiles and light trucks
• 75 amp engine start
• Automatic Temperature Compensation
• Battery type selection
• Digital diagnostics
• Alternator voltage and battery voltage check
• Digital display shows charge rate, operating mode, fault codes and FUL when
• 1-minute engine start
• 3-stage high-frequency switch mode automatic rapid charging
• Spark resistant reverse polarity and short circuit protection for user
• Built-in battery reconditioning (desulfate)
• Lightweight, high-efficiency design
• Internal short circuit protection
• Cables and clamps self-stored
• Reverse polarity indication
• Microprocessor control (Digital Smart Control)/High frequency power
• Compensates for low AC from extension cord use
• Equalization function
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Controls and Indicators

Battery Type (Step 1) — allows the user to select Wet, Gel or AGM type of battery
for efficient and safe charge. Most automotive batteries are Wet batteries. Refer to the
battery manufacturer's specifications for battery type.
2/10/25A AMP (Charge Rate Selector) (Step 2) — allows the user to select
the charge rate based on battery size. This selection and the actual battery charge
rate are monitored by the microprocessor. The charger will stop charging if the rate
is too fast or too slow for the battery size or condition.
75 AMP Engine Start — places the charger in an engine start sequence. This
button will not be activated unless the charger is in the 25 amp charge mode; set the
2/10/25 AMP button to 25 amps first to activate this button.
Battery Recondition — is an automatic mode that, once started, continues for 24
hours and then stops. A series of electrical pulses breaks the crystalline form of lead
sulfate to return these chemicals into useful battery electrolytes. More than 24 hours
may be needed to restore. Periodic reconditioning is recommended to maintain a
battery's optimum performance. However, if 5 cycles does not improve battery
performance, discontinue and recycle the battery.
Battery Voltage (Alternator Voltage Check) — is a quick check that measures
the battery voltage. This check is repeated at various electrical load levels and the
tests allow the user to determine if the alternator can keep up with the loads.
Large (.375") 3-Character Digital Display in the upper left of the control panel
indicates the various conditions and/or status codes:

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