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What Is Bssid; What Is Essid; What I Essid? - Acer 11b User Manual

Acer wlan 11b broadband router
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to the wired LAN for services (file servers, printers, Internet links) they will operate in
infrastructure mode.
Example 1: wireless Infrastructure Mode
Ad hoc mode (also called peer-to-peer mode or an Independent Basic Service Set, or
IBSS) is simply a set of 802.11 wireless stations that communicate directly with one
another without using an access point or any connection to a wired network. This mode
is useful for quickly and easily setting up a wireless network anywhere that a wireless
infrastructure does not exist or is not required for services, such as a hotel room,
convention center, or airport, or where access to the wired network is barred (such as for
consultants at a client site).
Example 2: wireless Ad Hoc Mode

4.5 What is BSSID?

A six-byte address that distinguishes a particular a particular access point from others.
Also know as just SSID. Serves as a network ID or name.

4.6 What is ESSID?

The Extended Service Set ID (ESSID) is the name of the network you want to access. It
is used to identify different wireless networks.



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