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Acer 11b User Manual page 16

Acer wlan 11b broadband router
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knowledge about wireless LAN. These settings should not be changed unless you
know what effect the changes will have on Acer WLAN 11b Broadband Router.
Screenshot – Wireless Advanced Settings
Authentication Type
Fragment Threshold
RTS Threshold
Beacon Interval
Data Rate
Preamble Type
Click to select the authentication type in Open System,
Shared Key or Auto selection.
Set the data packet fragmentation threshold, value can be
written between 256 and 2346 bytes. Refer to 4.10 What
is Fragment Threshold?
Set the RTS Threshold, value can be written between 0
and 2347 bytes. Refer to 4.11 What is RTS (Request To
Send) Threshold?
Set the Beacon Interval, value can be written between 20
and 1024 ms.
Refer to 4.12 What is Beacon Interval?
Select the transmission data rate from pull-down menu.
Data rate can be auto-select, 11M, 5.5M, 2M or 1Mbps.
Click to select the Long Preamble or Short Preamble
support on the wireless data packet transmission. Refer to



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