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Table 2-1
Workstations (continued)
Chapter 2 System management
Computer Setup (F10) Utility menu descriptions for the HP Z220 SFF and Z220 CMT
System Security
Drive Lock Security
With the exception of the first option, Data Execution Prevention, changing any of
these system security settings and choosing File > Save Changes and Exit will
result in the computer performing a global reset, automatically turning itself off and
then back on. Note also that these options are hardware dependent and may not
be available on some models:
Data Execution Prevention (Enabled/Disabled)—Helps prevent operating
system security breaches.
Virtualization Technology (VTx)
virtualization features of the processor.
Virtualization Technology Directed I/O (VTd)
virtualization DMA remapping features of the chipset.
Intel TXT(LT) Support
(Enabled/Disabled)—Controls the underlying processor
and chipset features needed to support a virtual appliance. To enable this
feature you must enable:
Virtualization Technology (VTx)
Virtualization Technology Directed I/O (VTd)
Embedded Security Device
Embedded Security Device
deactivation of the Embedded Security Device.
Embedded Security Device must be set to Device Available in the
Device Security menu, and you must create a Setup Password, in order to
configure the Embedded Security Device.
Reset to Factory Settings
erases all security keys.
Choosing Reset to Factory Settings may result in significant data
loss. The embedded security device is a critical component of many security
schemes. Erasing the security keys prevent access to data protected by the
Embedded Security Device.
OS Management of Embedded Security Device
operating system control of the Embedded Security Device.
Reset of Embedded Security Device through OS
the operating system ability to request a Reset to Factory Settings of the
Embedded Security Device.
You must create a Setup Password to use this option.
Lets you assign or modify a master password or user password for hard drives.
When enabled, this feature prompts the user to provide one of the DriveLock
passwords during POST. If the user does not successfully enter one of the
passwords, the hard drive remains inaccessible until one of the passwords is
successfully entered during a subsequent cold-boot sequence.
This selection appears only when the system includes at least one drive
that supports the DriveLock feature.
(Disabled/Enabled)—Controls the
(Disabled/Enabled)—Permits activation and
(Do not reset/Reset)—Restores factory defaults and


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