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Filling With Detergent - Electrolux ESI 6220 User Instructions

Electrolux dishwasher
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Filling with Detergent

Only use dishwasher detergent.
Fill with detergent:
Prior to the start of a wash programme (not for the
pre wash programme). The detergent is released into
the wash water during the programme.
Please observe the manufacturer's dosing
and storage recommendations as stated on
the detergent packaging.
The detergent compartment is on the inside of the
dishwasher door.
1. If the lid is closed:
press release button (1).
The lid springs open.
2. Fill the detergent dispenser with detergent. The
markings indicate the dosing levels:
"20" corresponds to approx. 20 ml of detergent,
"30" corresponds to approx. 30 ml of detergent.
3. Close the lid and press until it locks into place.
If the dishes are very heavily soiled put addi-
tional detergent into the adjacent chamber
(2). This detergent will take effect during the
pre wash.

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