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Special Salt For The Water Softener - Electrolux ESI 6220 User Instructions

Electrolux dishwasher
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Special salt for the water softener

If the water hardness in your area is less
than 4 °d, then the water in your dishwasher
does not need to be softened and you do not
need to use special salt or salt substitute.
Water can be softened in one of two
If you are using dishwasher detergent that already
contains salt substitute, the detergent only is put
into the detergent compartment.
– In this case the water softener must manually
be set to 0 and electronically to 1 to ensure
that no special salt is added.
If you are using dishwasher detergent and special
salt separately, the special salt is to be put into the
salt container.
– In this case the water softener must manually
be set to 0 and electronically to between 2
and 10 (depending on the water hardness in
your area) to ensure that the special salt is dis-
pensed from the salt container.
Only use special salt intended for dishwash-
ers. Never fill the salt supply container with
different types of salt (e.g. cooking or table
salt) or detergent. This would irreparably
damage the water softener.
Prior to filling with salt, please check each
time that you really do have a packet of spe-
cial salt in your hand.
Setting the amount of special salt to be
Some appliances are equipped with an addi-
tional 3 in 1 function.
If you use 3-in-1 dishwashing tablets and
select the 3 in 1 function together with the
programme, the inflow of special salt does
not have to be deactivated (see "3 in 1 func-
Set the water softener manually and electronically to
the desired water hardness:
Electronic set-
Manual setting
0 - 1
If the water softener is electronically set at
"1" for the purpose of using detergent that
includes special salt, the special salt indica-
tor is deactivated.
Number of
2 - 10
2 - 10
Addition of special salt
Do not add special salt.
Addition of special salt via salt container
(factory setting)

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