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Care And Cleaning; Cleaning The Filters - Electrolux ESI 6220 User Instructions

Electrolux dishwasher
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Care and Cleaning

Do not under any circumstances use furni-
ture care products or aggressive cleaners.
If necessary, clean the controls only with a soft
cloth and pure warm water.
Occasionally check the internal containers, door
seal, and water inlet for soiling, clean if necessary.

Cleaning the filters

The filters must be regularly checked and
cleaned. Dirty filters will spoil the wash
1. Open the door and remove the lower basket.
2. Turn the handle about ¼ of a turn anticlockwise
(A) and remove the filter system (B).
3. Grasp the grip hole on the fine filter (1) and
remove it from the micro-filter (2).
4. Clean all filters thoroughly under running water.
5. Remove the flat filter (3) from the base of the
washing compartment and clean both surfaces
6. Re-insert the flat filter.
7. Place the fine filter in the micro-filter and fit the two
8. Insert the filter system in place and lock it by turn-
ing the handle clockwise as far as it will go.
Ensure that the flat filter does not protrude above
the base of the washing compartment.
Under no circumstances may the dishwasher
be used without its filters.

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