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Electrolux ESI 6220 User Instructions page 25

Electrolux dishwasher
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Cleaning the spray arm jets
Regularly check the jets in the spray arms for block-
ages. When cleaning is necessary, remove spray arm
from the fixture and clean jets with a pointed object
(wire or needle). Then rinse out the spray arm using a
strong jet of water.
Do not damage the jet opening.
Upper basket spray arm
1. To remove upper basket spray arm, tilt it down
2. Clean spray arms jets.
3. Place cleaned upper basket spray arm back in
position against the connecting piece: press the
two together firmly, until you feel them snap into
Bottom spray arm
1. To remove bottom spray arm, pull it upwards out
of its catch.
2. Clean spray arm jets.
3. Place bottom spray arm back in position against
connecting piece and press down firmly, until you
feel it snap into place.

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