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Safety Information - AEG 35146TG User Manual

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Before the installation and use of the appliance, careful-
ly read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is
not responsible if an incorrect installation and use cau-
ses injuries and damages. Always keep the instructions
with the appliance for future reference.
1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety
Risk of suffocation, injury or permanent disability.
• This appliance can be used by children aged from 8
years and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they are supervised by an adult or a
person who is responsible for their safety.
• Do not let children play with the appliance.
• Keep all packaging away from children.
• Keep children and pets away from the appliance
when it operates or when it cools down. Accessible
parts are hot.
• If the appliance has a child safety device, we recom-
mend that you activate it.
• Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by
children without supervision.
1.2 General Safety
• The appliance and its accessible parts become hot
during use. Do not touch the heating elements.
• Do not operate the appliance by means of an exter-
nal timer or separate remote-control system.
• Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be
dangerous and may result in fire.


Table of Contents

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