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Operating Sequence - Electrolux EDV605 User Manual

Electrolux tumble dryer
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The Buzzer feature is designed to remind you when
the program ends with a "beeps" sound.
Crease Free:
The Crease Free feature is designed to help prevent
creases forming in the clothes after the normal drying
cycle has finished. The drum will rotate about 5 seconds
every minute and will go for 3 hours. This is useful
if you are unable to empty the dryer straigh away.
Each successive press will cycle through the options
as below.
Crease Free
No Options Selected
Temperature Button
Is used to select one of the three settings, Normal,
Delicates or Airing. The Delicates setting will cause
the heater to cycle on for less time than the Normal
The heater on/off cycling time will vary on both
settings depending on the program selected, ambient
temperature etc.
On the Airing setting the heater is not used at all.
A new setting can be selected when the dryer is
running, the drying process will continue using the
new setting.
NOTE: Airing cannot be selected when one of the
Sensor programs has been selected.
Program Button
Is used to select the desired program. Programs
available are:
Sensor Programs:
Extra Dry, Normal Dry and Iron Dry.
Timer Programs:
90 min, 60 min and 30 min.
A new program can be selected when the dryer is
running, the drying process will continue using the
settings from the new program. If the program is
changed from a Manual program to a Sensor program
then an ambient check may occur.
NOTE: When the temperature setting is on Airing
the Sensor programs cannot be selected.
Reminder Clean Filter LED
The LED is illuminated at the end of the program.
The LED is designed as a reminder to clean the lint
filter at the end of each load.
Child Lock (
The child lock option is used to stop the settings
being changed once a program has been started.
It does not affect the On/Off switch.
Buzzer and Crease Free
To select this option press and hold the Program
and Temperature button together (while the dryer
is running) until a beep is heard and the Child Lock
LED illuminates for approx 2 seconds. To turn the child
lock off press and hold the same buttons (while the
dryer is running) until a beep is heard and the LED
goes off.
Hold the Program
and Temperature
button together.
NOTE: If the door is opened during the program
the Child Lock option will be de-activated and
will have to be reset once the dryer has been
Progress indicator lights
These indicators show at which part of the cycle your
machine is, the Drying or Cooling cycle or the End.
Electrolux Name Badge
You can invert the name badge when you want to
mount your dryer upside down on the wall.
Use a suitable tool (such as a thin bladed tool).
Unclip the badge from the panel, invert and clip back.


Overloading will:
Do not load clothes or other articles which are dripping
wet or have sand and grit on them into your dryer.

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