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Operating Sequence - Electrolux EDV705HQWA User Manual

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3.2 Operating Sequence

Step 1
Load your dryer loosely until it is no more
than TWO THIRDS FULL. Clothes must
tumble freely in a dryer. Don't crem them in.
Wet clothed fluff up when dry.
Overloading will :
Reduce efficiency
Increase drying time
Increase the risk of creasing.
Do not load clothes or other articles which
are dripping wet or have sand and grit on
them into your dryer.
Step 2
Switch on and Close the door
Step 3
Press then release the On/Off
button on the control panel.
You are now ready to select your
drying Program.
See program table guides for load size info.
* Do not select the "Extra Dry" option for
delicates fabric such polyester as
shrinking may occur.
*To obtain the best drying results with
small loads it is recommended to use
"Time drying" program.
Program Table Guides
Textile Type Info
Ideal for towels or similar such as
cotton and linen.
Select this cycle to dry everyday
fabrics including cottons, linens and
Suitable for synthetics such as
Select this cycle to dry everyday
fabrics, cotton or blended fabrics
Fast 40
that need to be dried quickly.
For drying delicate clothing and
For Bedding clothing
Refreshing items that have been in
storage for long time (a short cycle
with warm temp).
90 min.
60 min.
For drying most fabrics, cotton.
30 min.
* Depend on model of Dryer
Program Cottons,Mixed, Synthetics, Fast40,
Delicates, Bedding, Refresh do not allow to
select drying time.
Program Time Drying do not allow to select
Dryness and Temp.
When a new program is selected while the dryer
is already running, the drying process will
continue using the setting from the new program.
For best result we recommend to sort out
your laundry according to fabric type and spin
dry at highest speed available in your
washing machine.
Load Size
Info (Max.)*
3.5 kg
2 kg
3.5 kg
3-5 pcs
(dry items)
4 kg
3 kg
1.5 kg

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