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Prior To Initial Start-Up; Initial Use - AEG ARCTIS 2388-1 GA Operating Instructions Manual

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Prior to Initial Start–Up
Before connecting the appliance to the mains and putting it into oper-
ation for the first time, leave the appliance to stand for 30 minutes if
was transported upright. After transport on its side, the appliance must
be left to stand for 4 hours before putting it into operation. This is nec-
essary to allow the refrigerant to flow back into the compressor. Other-
wise the compressor may be damaged.
1. Please clean the appliance interior and all accessories prior to initial
start-up (see section: "Maintenance and Cleaning").
2. The appliance must be correctly installed in accordance with the chap-
ter "Installation" before it is put into operation for the first time. Care
should be especially taken that the mains voltage and frequency avail-
able correspond with the appliance's rating plate.
3. Remove the cold accumulation block from the appliance.
4. Only put the cold accumulation block to freeze in the top compartment
after the optimal storage temperature of –18 °C has been reached.
5. After 24 hours place the cold accumulation block in the uppermost
compartment, at the front, above the frozen food.
6. Re-freeze the thawed cold accumulation block in the same way, e. g.
after cleaning the appliance.

Initial use

1. Insert plug into mains socket.
2. Press ON/OFF button.
A warning tone sounds and the red warning light flashes indicating
that the required storage temperature has not yet been reached. The
compressor starts and then runs automatically.
3. Press the WARNING OFF button to switch off the warning tone.
4. Set temperature to -18°C or colder (see section: "Temperature Adjust-
Important! Wait until the freezer compartment has reached a tempera-
ture of –18 °C, or the red warning light has gone out, before storing
frozen food.
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