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Installation; Installation Location - AEG ARCTIS 2388-1 GA Operating Instructions Manual

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The position of the freezer part and the fridge part in the combination
fridge-freezer can be decided by the customer. However the final
assembly of the appliance or a later change in the position of the
freezer and fridge must be carried out by the AEG Customer Care

Installation Location

The appliance should be installed in a well ventilated, dry room.
Energy use and efficient performance of the appliance is affected by
the ambient temperature.
The appliance should therefore
– not be exposed to direct sunlight;
– not be installed next to radiators, cookers or other sources of heat;
– only be installed at a location whose ambient temperature
corresponds to the climate classification, for which the appliance is
The climate classification can be found on the rating plate, which is
located at the right on the inside of the appliance.
The following table shows which ambient temperature is correct for
each climate classification:
Climate classification
If installation next to a source of heat is unavoidable, the following
minimum clearances must be maintained at the sides of the appliance:
– for electric cookers 3 cm;
– for oil and coal fired ranges 30 cm.
If these clearances cannot be maintained a heat insulating pad is requi-
red between the cooker and the refrigeration appliance.
818 22 23-00/1
for an ambient temperature of
+10 to +32 °C
+16 to +32 °C
+18 to +38 °C
+18 to +43 °C



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