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Appliance Transport; Before Use; Packaging - AEG ARCTIS 2388-1 GA Operating Instructions Manual

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Appliance Transport

Two persons are required for transport of the appliance. There are two
recessed handles at the front of the base and at the back of the appli-
ance at the top for improved gripping.
1. Grip the appliance with the recessed handles positioned as in the draw-
ing, and transport the appliance.
2. In order to push the appliance into its final position, press carefully at
the top of the door and tip the appliance back slightly. The weight is
then transferred to the back wheels and the appliance can be easily

Before Use


1. Remove all adhesive tape and packaging from the interior of the appli-
Any remnants of adhesive can be removed with white spirit.
2. Remove the transport protection pieces and pull off the adhesive tape.
3. Wash the inside of the appliance with lukewarm water with a little
bicarbonate of soda added (5 ml to 0.5 litre of water). Do not use soap
or detergent as the smell may linger. Dry the appliance thoroughly.
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