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The Freezer Needs Ventilation; Appliance Alignment; Electrical Connection - AEG ARCTIS 2388-1 GA Operating Instructions Manual

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The freezer needs ventilation

Air is fed under the door through the vent
slots in the base and is exhausted upwards
along the back wall. To ensure proper air cir-
culation never cover or alter the vent open-
Important! If the appliance is installed under,
for example, a hanging cabinet, a clearance of
at least 10 cm between the top of the appli-
ance and the cabinet above it must be main-
Please check whether, after installing your
appliance and especially after reversing the
door, the door seal fits tightly. A badly fitting
door seal may lead to heavy frosting and a
higher power consumption (see also "What to do if ...").

Appliance Alignment

1. The appliance must be level. Please compensate for unevenness in the
floor by turning the two adjustable feet at the front.

Electrical Connection

A properly installed socket outlet with earthing contact is required for
electrical connection. Electrical fuse protection must be of at least 10
If the outlet socket is no longer accessible after installation of the
appliance, appropriate measures must be taken during electrical instal-
lation to assure that the appliance can be disconnected from the mains
(e.g. fuse, circuit breaker, non-operate current safety-switch or the like,
with a contact opening of at least 3 mm).
1. Before initial start-up, refer to the appliance rating plate to ascertain if
supply voltage and current values correspond with those of the mains
at the installation location.
(i.e. 220 to 240 volts alternating current, 50 Hertz)
The rating plate is inside the appliance at the left.
Warning: To avoid potential danger, if the mains connection lead of
this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by our customer service
representative or a person with similar qualifications.
AC 220 ... 240 V 50 Hz or
220 ... 240 V~50 Hz
818 22 23-00/1



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