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Electrolux EHT 310 X Instruction Book page 8

Electrolux hob
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Burner cover/burner ring
Together with the burner ring the burner
cover forms a space where the final
mixture of gas and air takes place in
order to make the gas burn correctly.
Please note: It is consequently very
important that the burner cover/ring is
placed correctly on the burner. The
burner ring has been provided with
holes for the ignition electrode, and the
thermo sensor.
If the burner cover/ring are wrongly
placed the burner will operate
incorrectly, and the burners may be
damaged within at short space of time.
Ignition electrode (A)
The burner has been provided with an
ignition electrode. As long as the
operating knob is depressed, the
automatic ignition will ensure that a
spark is emitted between the ignition
electrode and the burner cover.
Thermo Sensor (B)
The hob unit features fully-secured gas
taps (thermo-fuse)
In case the flame goes out, the thermo
sensor automatically prevents gas
admission after a few seconds (max. 90
Note: Gas admission is always allowed
while the operation button is pressed -
See start-up procedure
Burner ring
Ignition electrode (A)
Main nozzle
Thermo Sensor (B)
An opening with a minimum area of 60
must be present at the back of
the cupboard (see fig.).



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