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Electrolux EHT 310 X Instruction Book page 5

Electrolux hob
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There is no spark when lighting the
When the operating knob is released
the gas ring goes out again?
The gas ring burns very unevenly??
Check whether the 220 - 240 V
connection has been plugged in. The
ground fault circuit relay way have
switched off. The fuse has blown
The operating knob has not been
depressed long enough, or has not
been depressed sufficiently.
Check whether the cover has been
replaced correctly, e.g. after cleaning.
Our liability does not apply in the
event that the damage in question is
due to any of the following conditions:
The unit has not been installed in
accordance with the instructions set
forth in this pamphlet.
The damage is caused by transport at a
later date, for instance during removal
or resale.
The damage is caused by any form of
use contrary to common sense.
It is advisable to place the unit near an
out-of-the-way, or closed corner, with
space on either side on which to rest
hot cooking utensils. The unit should
not be placed at a heavily-trafficked or
open corner, nor in a passageway.
Check to see whether the unit is
Distribution damages
Any damages due to transportation by
us or by our representative must be
reported to the dealer not later than
one week after receipt of the unit.
If you make a note of the model,
product and serial numbers on receipt
you will always have this information
to hand (See frontpage).
These numbers will be needed for any
service visits.
The model number plate is placed on
the bottom of the hob.
To enable the consumer to locate any
leaks in the installation, a smelling
substance has been added to all gas
qualities available in the market - town
gas, natural gas or bottled gas.
When smelling gas or in case of any
other kind of malfunction of the unit
switch off the main gas supply or the
bottled gas and contact service, an
authorized heating and sanitary
engineer or your gas supplier.
It is recommended that a maintenance
check of the gas installation and the
unit should be performed at least every
three years. Consult your authorized
heating and sanitary engineer.



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