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Electrolux EHT 310 X Instruction Book page 4

Electrolux hob
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Important to know
Service and repair may only be
performed by the distributor, or by a
service organization approved by the
distributor. Only repair parts delivered
by the distributor may be used.
Please read the warranty.
The hob is only intended for normal
household use. It is important that you
follow the advice given in these
instructions in order to avoid any risk
of damage to persons and objects.
Used for any other purpose invalidates
the guarantee as well as product
The unit becomes dangerously hot
during use, and remain so for a period
of time. They should therefore be
treated with due respect. Keep children
at a distance.
During deep-fat frying, sauteeing,
melting of butter, etc., one must always
remain near the unit, due to the danger
of fire. In the event of fire the unit
must be shut off immediately (and the
cooker hood as well, if in use).
Put out the fire with a lid. Do never use
Make sure that the unit is shut off
when not in use - the knob should rest
at "0".
For safety's sake, turn pots and pans so
that handles do not protrude, thus
inviting accidents.
Never place plastic or paper, etc., on
the unit. If the unit should be switched
on by accident, the paper could burn,
plastic melt, etc.
For hygienic and safety reasons the
unit must be kept clean. Grease, oil
and food spills create unpleasant
odours when burnt, and can in some
cases result in open flames.
Read - and adhere to - the users
instructions, as well as any instructions
and warnings printed on the labels of
the cleaning agents used.
Help to avoid accidents; if the unit
should ever be discarded, render it
useless by removing the cable, or by
cutting the cable as close to the unit as
Product liability
Our liability is limited to that which is
stipulated by law, and covers only
damage to persons and property, which
results from defects in materials and
workmanship of the unit itself.
This liability extends for a period of 10
years from the date of purchase as a
factory-new unit.



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